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Videos | July 23rd, 2012 by 4
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The revised BMW 7 Series flagship goes on sale this summer and test drive reviews have already begun to pop-up. Both the F01 and F02 …

The revised BMW 7 Series flagship goes on sale this summer and test drive reviews have already begun to pop-up.

Both the F01 and F02 models are going through the lifecycle refresh delivering some new features and updated design. The videos below give us a closer look at the exterior and interior design, along with driving footage from the beautiful St. Petersburg, Russia.

One of the biggest exterior changes that immediately stand out are the new “squarish” LED corona lights with an LED turn signal indicator placed in the headlight. Each headlight contains eight LEDs.

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While the previous model featured a kidney grille with 9 and 12 slats, based on the Night Vision Camera option, the facelifted 7 comes now with a single configuration of 9 slats. More chrome is now embedded in the fascia with two bars in the front apron that give the flagship model a more aggressive look.

Inside there is a new 3D MMI system that brings out a refreshed design with a new CPU that renders the information faster than before. The map feature now displays 3D city models for selected cities. Other interior changes include new trim and leather, a redesigned instrument cluster with LCD gauges and a rear-seat entertainment system with tablets. The multifunctional instrument display is a freely programmable cockpit display that introduces a new dimension to driver information.

With the aid of the Driving Experience Control function, the COMFORT, ECO PRO and SPORT modes can be clearly visually differentiated from one another on the instrument cluster.

The new 2013 7 Series arrives in US BMW center showrooms in late summer 2012, except for the ActiveHybrid 7 which arrives in early fall. The short wheelbase 750i starts at $87,195, while the long wheelbase sells for $90,895.

4 responses to “Videos: 2013 BMW 7 Series”

  1. BMW Defeated says:

    It looks like ride comfort is still far behind the S-Class. Shame on BMW! And Mercedes-Benz hasn’t even updated the S-Class, but it still easily beats even the new 7 Series. That’s why I say that Mercedes-Benz is the clear leader in technology.

  2. Giom says:

    I get this distinct feeling that the 7 series is being pre-judged befor it’s driven. You know, its chassis isn’t that much different from the 5s’. So how can the 5 be a class leader and the 7 not?

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