The fellows at Cam Shaft have dressed up a BMW E92 M3 Coupe in a matte Space Gray foil.

The matte finish has become a trend these days in the BMW world and a wide range of matte colors are offered by BMW itself as well, from Frozen Grey and Black, to the more recent Frozen Blue and Red.

The matte foil from Cam Shaft comes with a hefty price, 1,875 euros, which includes materials and installation. An additional 715 euros is charged for foiling the doors’ visible edges. At almost 2,500 euros this is an expensive hobby and a costly way to stand out.

But if you’re craving an unique look and would like to stand out, the matte Frozen Gray is a beauty to look at.

The company says that the foil is easily removable, so no worries for those of you that are leasing the M3s.

The special BMW M3 Coupe also features a front spoiler from Racing Dynamics, Hamann Motorsport rocker, 19-inch BBS alloy wheels and a stainless steel exhaust system with a 100-cell catalysts from Akrapovic.

[Source: Miranda Media via Bimmertoday ]