EV West takes the almighty E36 BMW M3 and turns into an exciting race-ready electric vehicle. The 1995 M3 will enter the Race to the Clouds at Pikes Peak.

With BMW turning a 1 Series Coupe into an EV, the idea of making an M car run on electric power just seems a bit out of this world. The cool part though is that an electric car with enough power can be a strong contender at Pikes Peak since electric motors don’t suffer from power loss at high altitudes.

To get to 420 horsepower, the M3 a Net-Gain HV11 electric motor and an Evnetics Shiva controller.

This is not the first electric car to enter the Pikes Peak race. Last year Nissan entered a stock Leaf EV and this year, th legendary hill climber Monster Tajima will also join with an electric vehicle.