NYIAS 2012: Valencia Orange X1 Twists 1M owner’s Faces

Auto Shows | April 5th, 2012 by 3
NYIAS 2012 16 21 750x500

Just when you thought your owned an exclusive color 1M, BMW spreads the Valencia Orange paint to the X1 series production vehicle. See you in the parking lot with whatever weapons you can muster.

Despite the colour copyright infringement, Valencia Orange remains one of our favorite BMW colours. It seems to link the eye to passion for driving and they dynamic side of the BMW driving experience.

NYIAS 2012 13 2 655x436

Today at the NYIAS 2012, we saw a US bound copy of the BMW X1, and we’re glad to bring you a photo gallery of the X1 shown in NYC. If you happen to own a Valencia Orange BMW 1M, you may be interested in trading it in – but beware: Canadian Coast guard take very good care of you.

NYIAS 2012 16 21 655x436

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  1. vinay says:

    Cn I get z color code of valencia orange

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