BMWBLOG brings you a quick drive video review of the new 328i Luxury line. Launched with three new lines: the Sport, Modern, and Luxury line, BMW has created a 3 Series for all.

The Luxury line is particularly well suited to the daily driver who values comfort over sport. While previous 3 series renditions delivered far more sport than luxury, the creation of a luxury line solves this problem for those in the market interested in buying a less sporty 3 series.

Of course, the 3 Series badge was always synonymous with sport, but the creation of these three lines will ‘cast a wider net’ for BMW in order to capture a larger percentage of the buying public.

What allows us to continue sleeping soundly at night is the knowledge that BMW’s new 3 series luxury line still has moves under that plush leather and infotainment. Wake up the BMW within and you will be pleased to continue carving corners with the same perfect 50:50 balance, rear wheel drive layout and overall dynamic competence that has always allowed the 3 series to be a corner carver – albeit with a great deal more body roll. But if you’re being chased by the baddies, we still think the new 3 series Luxury line will be up to the job. Just don’t forget to put the transmission in sport mode.

Enjoy our quick drive video review of BMW’s new 328i Luxury Line. For our First Drive Review of BMW’s new 328i Luxury Line, hit the jump.

Special thanks to JMK BMW for their sponsorship of this car review. JMK BMW is the greater NJ area’s premier BMW dealership, located in Springfield, NJ on Route 22 E. To book your appointment with their relaxed sales team, click here.

Thanks to BMW Canada for providing the 328i Luxury Line for testing purposes.