CIAS 2012: Vision Connected Drive Concept Photo Gallery

Auto Shows, Featured Posts | February 16th, 2012 by 3
CIAS 2012 1371 750x500

We had a hard time photographing BMW’s Vision Connected Drive concept car, not for the usual reasons of intense auto show lighting or jostling crowds, but because we couldn’t help but stare at. Every little detail pops and leads to the next interesting shape or element.

If you think this is an attractive car in 2D, try it in 3D. It’s smooth shape is cut and folded abruptly where need be, allowing light to fall across its surface in the most sublime way. This car belongs in an art gallery. It is a sculpture of beauty.

CIAS 2012 211 655x434

Now if only they would build it…

For now, enjoy our photo gallery of the BMW Vision Connected Drive Concept shot moments ago from the show floor of CIAS 2012.

CIAS 2012 1271 655x434