Acura chose Detroit to unveil it’s mid-engined hybrid NSX sports car. The car is slated to be built in Ohio and features the super hybrid all wheel drive system that Honda has pioneered.

The SH-AWD will control the power output of a direct injected V6 engine driving the rear wheels with two electric motors driving the front wheels. Torque from the electric motors (either negative or positive) to enhance the handling.

The Acura NSX will utilize a DCT gearbox in conjunction with the SH-AWD. There undoubtedly will be changes from the concept car when the NSX enters production.

And Acura’s approach to the hybrid drivetrain is different than BMW’s with the i8. No horsepower numbers or acceleration figures were mentioned, but look for this to be a quick eco-gen sports car.

Styling wise, the new NSX combines sporty and exotic design cues into a single package, some may even say that certain elements remind of BMW’s i8 hybrid sportscar.