The folks over at Driving-Fun are giving us two videos showing the new F10 BMW M5 in action. The super sporty sedan gets another opportunity to brag about its drifting abilities.

The first video and the shortest one simply focus on the M5 drifting through some back roads, while the longer version, while in Dutch, focuses on a more comprehensive review. Unfortunately no English subtitles are available at the moment.

The review is mostly positive and the biggest complaint comes, as expected, from the engine noise:

“The main criticism to be heard on the M5, is about the engine noise. To experience for the driver to give some extra shine, the amplified sound from the speakers.

Sure, it’s the V8 with two turbos differently than the V10. The V10 also sounded different than the naturally aspirated V8 that was used before, and that V8 sounded differently than the six-cylinder of the first two generations.”