It is not often that a car fits you like a glove. It’s somewhat rare that gloves even ‘fit you like a glove.’ For this reason BMWBLOG has taken a special interest in the new BMW 6 series Gran Coupe. We knew it was coming for some time. We expected it to be gorgeous and dynamic. However no amount of postulating could prepare us for the pleasant surprise we’ve just received in the form of photos. To put it simply: BMW’s new Gran Coupe is stunning.

It’s been said that a sharp suit consists of 10 percent material and 90 percent tailoring. The way the jacket falls around the body is tantamount to the final look. And when you’ve hit the gym, and paid your neighborhood’s finest tailor a mint for his latest cut – the room will go silent from the impact of your dress. Women will rubberneck and people will take a second look. We expect similar attention will be paid to BMW’s latest creation – it is bold, sophisticated and stylish like a finely tailored suit.

The 6 Gran Coupe exemplifies traditional BMW design while edging closer to the future. BMW have done an excellent job paying homage to classic BMW design tokens from headlights to taillights and there are several areas that establish themselves as feature design points. To start off, BMW have maintained classic (and dare I say perfect) proportions. A long hood stretches out in front of the driver, making the driver feel as though he’s behind the central mass. The passenger compartment flows nicely from front to rear and features a very raked windshield and rear window. The roof line is reminiscent of a two door coupe – and hence the name, “Gran Coupe.”

All of the standard design pointers are present, but modern interpretations have added edgy flare. Take for example the double kidney grills; a “shark nose” design has the top of the grill leaning forwards, for a nose-first approach to the air. The slats themselves have been contoured and shaped along to top aspect to add a more three dimensional look. The grill is also expansive and fills the front of the car with a bold and aggressive stance. It’s prominence lends itself to the engine that lies beneath, and this is a fitting tribute to the high tech engines that will go on to power this car.

The fog lamps are LED just as on the regular 6 series cars, and this adds a futuristic touch to the car. The lower front fascia comes with three major air intakes, and their low, squat dimensions exaggerate the width of the car. Finally, the headlights are rounded off and beautiful, just as seen on the regular 6 series cars.

From the front wheel arch, a sharply pressed line drops diagonally down towards the rocker panel at an approximate 45 degree angle. This character line adds a dimension of movement to the car, even when it’s parked. As your eye moves front to back, it is also forced to accelerate, looking top to bottom. We love this character line since it has grown on us after spending time with the 6 series cabriolet and coupe. As you circle the car, a strong shoulder line originates at the front side air vent, and continues toward the rear of the car until flowing into the rear taillight fixtures. The door handles are transected by this character line, and this makes for a “cleaner” side profile.

Finally reaching the rear of the car, the trunk features a half-bangle butt if you will, with a nicely sculptured rear buttress. The taillights are standard fare 6 series, and a lower character line across the rear bumper runs horizontally, once again stretching and creating the illusion of width.

The 6 series Gran Coupe looks as though it has been building muscle for some time, and just took delivery of a well tailored suit. Its lines are taught yet not exaggerated – understated even. And yet when you stand back and look at the whole picture, the Gran Coupe looks stunning and garners more attention than its individual highlights call for. Its lines are crisp and a very organic and flowing shape emerges.

And now to the interior, which is without a doubt one of the treats of living with this car. The swoopy interior of the standard 6 series has made its way into the Gran Coupe – but the Gran Coupe has gone beyond the interior styling of the regular 6 series and offers bespoke, unique interior detailing. If this car was a condo – it would be the pent-house. If so optioned, the 6 Gran Coupe can be adorned with buttery leathers and high quality fabrics, and then built to your unique tastes and specifications.

Overall, we are impressed by the new 6 series Gran Coupe design. BMWBLOG will bring you exclusive content from around the world as we learn more details about BMW’s latest masterpiece. We especially look forward to our first driving observations, and so should you! Question of the day: will we see an M version?