Photo Comparison: BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe vs. Audi A7 vs. Mercedes-Benz CLS

6 Series, Featured Posts | December 11th, 2011 by 52
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Earlier today, BMW unveiled their latest addition to the 6 Series family: Gran Coupe. The first BMW with four-doors and coupe-like design to enter production, will launch in summer of 2012 and will directly compete with the Audi A7 and Mercedes-Benz CLS.

The 4+1 seat addition to the 6 Series line combines stunning proportions, design and driving dynamics of the 6 Series Coupe with interior room and amenities for up to five passengers. The 6 Series Gran Coupe goes on sale in the US in June 2012 and will be offered as three distinct models: BMW 640i, 650i and 650i xDrive (the latter two launching in late summer 2012).

This new interpretation of the traditional BMW Coupe proportions is embellished by lines and surfaces inspired by the movement of waves. Flowing lines and harmonious curves create a feeling of athletic grace which underline the opulent character and elegant appearance of the four-door BMW.
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The expressive front end is dominated by the large and slightly forward-slanting BMW kidney grille. The grille emphasizes the car’s sporting pedigree with a broad, flat design, and creates a visual connection with the engine nestling behind. The kidney grille slats, angled slightly towards the top, lend additional emphasis to the front end’s “shark nose” character. The contour lines of the hood converge towards the kidney grille, forming a V-shape which is continued by the contours of the headlights, kidney and wide air intake to give a road-focused look.

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The interior of the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe reveals the driver-focused cockpit design typical of the brand and a luxurious ambience for all those on board. The central section of the instrument panel is angled slightly towards the driver and the gear selector for the automatic gearbox, the Driving Experience Control switch and the activation button for the parking brake are all positioned on the surface of the center console which opens out towards the driver.

The standard Navigation System Professional and iDrive operating system come with 10.2-inch high definition display bordered by a galvanised chrome surround.

As always, BMWBLOG puts together a visual comparison between the new model and its competitors. Please leave your comments and votes below.

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52 responses to “Photo Comparison: BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe vs. Audi A7 vs. Mercedes-Benz CLS”

  1. Adam says:

    Wow the BMW is gorgeous, first time I’ve been able to say that.  Not only that but its interior is so much more organic and sporty than the other two.

  2. fruneed says:

    Great BMW awesome beautiful car….again congrats good job…..but I have to admit the competitors are good too…special the mercedes…

  3. Manchester Man says:

    From the front and back the Audi looks like any other Audi. From the side the Audi looks like it has a hunchback!! As for the CLS, it looks like a car that my dad will look at and end up saying “it looks to old-fashioned for me”! The back of the CLS looks very dull too.

    The BMW seriously kicks the crap outta these 2 cars from every angle, especially the side angle.

    With the release of this Gran Coupe, the F10, the F30, the new 1 series and with the new X5, i3, i8 coming in 2014, the future looks bright for BMW.

  4. LaMa says:

    WOW !!! The clear winner here is the BMW.  No more explanation no more controversial style, no more bungleism.
    Once he parted BMW the BMW style become a clear winner.  Thank god or BMW management that they fired bungle. 

    The only complaint is why call it a Grand Coupe when its a Sedan ?  Call it a 6 series sedan, which it is.  Anyway, both exterior and interior is in a class above the 2 others.

    From the current BMW lineup the only bungle car is the 5GT. If they would eliminate that car the complete line-up would be full with good looking cars/crossovers.

    Good job BMW to shaking the bungle influence in a short time.

  5. Mark says:

    The Audi has a really awkward side view. BMW and Mercedes look nice

  6. Anonymous says:

    The BMW is killing it. 

  7. Gorsash says:

    I voted for BMW but it’s design is not perfect, it just has biggest score. From front Audi has best design, but Mercedes is close to it. BMW’s front is complete rubbish.
    From the back BMW wins though Mercedes was very close. Audi’s back is dull.
    And from the side – BMW is nice and speedy. Mercedes might be best if it’s bottom window line was not ascending in the back direction. Audi’s side look is ugly.
    So BMW looks best from 2 of 3 views. Mercedes looks almost perfect from all views. And Audi is perfect from one view and ugly from other two

  8. Pimeto says:

    Its a no surprise why Audi are starting to totally redesign their cars… just plain ugly!
    BMW are doing things right!

  9. Bangin says:

    BMW= Beautiful
    Mercedes: OK
    Audi: UGLY

  10. BMW The Best says:

    BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe is the clear winner to me. But the interior of the CLS is more luxurious though because of nicely looking wood.

  11. Mrmaxiz says:

    Who voted for Audi?? lol

    • Echev says:

      These photos of the Audi a7 is not the best i’ve seen. The car looks much more pretty with the s-line. And don’t forget that it’s well known that the A7 is one of the cars that looks much better in reel life. I drive the latest 5-series to day, but i felt in love when i saw the A7 in reel life, so i’m about buiyng it. But since i’m a BMW fan i decided to wait until they realesed the 6 series GC, but i have to sau i’m a little bit disapointed. I Think this look to similar to 5 and 7 series. I think the latest BMW all look the same.

      • ahus says:

        I understand that you think the 5, 6 and 7 series look very similar. I do too to a certain extent. Where you loose me, is the part where you would choose an Audi instead. All Audis look alike theese days, and that’s not like Bmw’s who share certain design cues and language. All Audis look exactly the same apart from size and Coupe, sedan og touring shape. 

  12. Tyrol says:

    I absolutely loved the new A7 but when you compare it side-by-side with 6GC it does look ugly (from the side). CLS is very beutiful, but the first gen. one was better IMO. Looks are very subjective and I like all of them but I think most people will find BMW the best looking one. Also I really like that BMW is trying to make its interior the best, because that was the weakest point when compared to competitors.

    • Asim Quraishi says:

      I pretty much had the same thoughts, on all cars, just like yours. I also agree on your point about the second generation merc cls. It doesn’t have the same looks of the first gen because the first one really did fooled everyone into thinking it was a 2 door coupe not until when you get closer to find that it has 4 door handles. Blimey! I think it really did defined the true shape of a coupe but with 4 doors. This second gen seems to have not followed the same philosophy, unfortunately.

      About the Audi, it looks typical though. I mean it has those strong stance and a quite large and bulky shape but in a very elegant manner, I have to say. To me it seems that audi designers probably called the design office at Porsche that invented the panamera, requesting a favour from them for their new A7 4 door coupe. It resembles a lot of the panamera no matter what angle you look at it. However, we should remind ourselves that not everyone gets it right in the first place. Not that they didn’t get it right with this one, but surely they will with the next generation. So, not bad for the Audi.

      Right, now for the BMW. Again this is their first approach to this new segment in the automotive world. So, let us not get ourselves too optimistic as well as pessimistic about it. First of all, let me say the interior looks astonishing with vibrant colours. Very elegant, just like the Audi, and very simple, fresh, and lively indeed. A lot of curvy shapes here and there and beautiful lines as well. Note that I am only talking about the looks of the interiors and not the quality of materials used. I am sure that everyone is going to comment about the exterior for having quite a bit of resemblance to the 7-series and a little bit of the 5-series. I could be wrong though. That is just my opinion and I may change it in overtime.

      So which one looks better? I think I am inclined to say that my probability is going towards the BMW. Hope that makes everyone happy.

  13. ferrarifan says:

    Now THAT is a great design from BMW. Been waiting for something this revolutionary and beautiful from their designers. Inside and Out.

  14. Viper says:

    front: audi bmw then merc.
    rear: audi , bmw then merc.

    side view: thats a matter of tastes , but Clearly the Merc got the point of 4 door coupe way too seriously than others. bmw looks like a ordinary sedan dull side windows (unlike symmetric cls view) (which is the whole point) and audi who in my opinion is misunderstood but very very beautiful car in general.

    interior: for me all of them are unique and beautiful , maybe audi 1st then come bmw and merc.
    engines , expect bmw at its best.
    for me. Id go for the cls….its simply the most beautiful car here , very ight with audi , Id rather buy 2door 6 coupe.

    • LOL says:

      I agree on most parts. All of them are beautiful and I have to agree that the BMW is beautiful as well. However, it looks like another sedan to me. When I hear the term “grand coupe” I expect the look of the Merc and Audi.

  15. Adrian says:

    The design for the BMW 6 series is to conservative. When you pay this amount of money on a car you don’t pay for it’s conservative design. The car has to scream “look at me” but I don’t see this in the 6 series. It’s not an ugly cur, but is not a head turner.

    The good news for BMW is that the competition it’s not doing better. 

  16. LexusLVR says:

    The BMW and MB are boring.

    The Audi is dropdead gorgeous.

  17. LIKSTINER says:


  18. Gucci says:

    serie 6 gran coupè is the worst!!!!!!!!!

  19. Dadoman38383 says:

    the BMW is certainly worst .. the CLS is the best, while the 6er is awful! the audi is awful as the BMW! the new course bmw is wrong, the 1er, 3er, X3, none of this is beautiful .. BMW creates horrendous car now only

    • Trillionblaze says:

      what business do you really think BMW owners really have with beauty? What we are really looking for is the respect, sport, stability & the like. Audi really offers beauty & fragility. You can still go for a Hyundai for beauty.

  20. Fredyschiftan says:

    BMW just beautiful!!!  wow looks great amd Sporty .  Audi looks terrible specially the back end looks like they did a bad job in the final design.

  21. go says:

    All three vehicles have such a unique balance. The 6 series stands out the most and wins in the design category in my opinion. On to the track shall we…

  22. JohnHyke says:

    Even with the new BMW the Audi remains the cleanest and most sophisticated design-wise. This is a BMW blog so obviously the majority will vote with a biase, but in reality I expect the A7 to continue getting the lions share of praise and awards, as has been the case since its release. At this point BMW is playing catch up design wise, but at least their cars are no longer Bangled eyesores. Audi on the other hand is generally regarded as the design leader in the automotive industry, as is evident in this visual comparison.

    • LeCarre says:

      “Audi on the other hand is generally regarded as the design leader in the automotive industry”

      Please, it would be nice if people from Audi PR stop writing their marketing slogans in this forum.

  23. Fanboy says:

    BMW fanboys …. it is the same as Xbox/PS3 fanboys …. same mentality

  24. Kyle P. Silvers says:

    Audi definitely wins in the appearance department. The Benz interior somehow manages to look very dull and dated. The Bimmer interior is nice but it is a little goofy looking with that thing that comes down on the passenger side. The audi exterior is hottt and the interior is very very nice. 

  25. Ricky Calo says:

    BMW should of made the rear of the 6GC more distinctive, especially the tail-lights.

  26. Pirishh says:

    the headlights looks so much better then the A7 

  27. arashk says:

    perfect design

  28. Alexf says:

    Why do you compare the 6 GC with the Audi A7? These are two different class of cars!!!

  29. Anshul Autoczar says:

    As we all know that these three are Germans.No doubt all of them has cutting edge technology.One thing I want to say that BMW is dropdead gorgeous. Audi is new entrant but their designers are doing very great job as we can see all their cars.Somehow I am slightly disappointed with Merc’s designers.They are not going according to the three pointed stars philosophy.What these Merc designers are trying to do is something next to impossible to explain.MB requires some more clear cut ideas and let their new designers understand that what this marque stands for?Give them some more manuals to read and let their brains to absorb about the legacy of this three pointed star marque.After all BMW always loves to embross its thinking and philosophy in their cars which I always admire.Audi is very much surprising with its new designs A7, Q7 their quattro technology and may more.

  30. Miginis_777 says:

    hmmm, i think that mercedes is butt ugly specially from the rear and from any angle, the front looks like it was designed in the mid 90’s.  The audi, well it looks just like the porsche panamera, but with a milder demeanor…looks ok.  now the bmw looks amazing from front to back, side to side, top to bottom, just amazing, the bad thing is i may have to wait for decades to buy me a used one…can’t wait.

  31. Confused says:

    I was always under the assumption that a 2 door was a coupe, and a 4 door was a sedan or saloon. I don’t care if they are making it look like a coupe… a 2 door is a coupe.

  32. Josh says:

    The A7 is simply the most beautifull … . But I must say the BMW6 looks really, really nice too. The CLS on the other hand …, let’s stay polite and say it’s not my cup of tee.

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