German tuner CLP Automotive adds a new widebody kit to the BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupe. The newest offering called “Bruiser” gives the X6 a more aggressive look by widening the track 2 inches and offering a complete kit with new front bumper, fenders, side skirts, door panels and rear bumper.

The front bumper now includes massive air vents covered in a mesh grid, headlamp eyelashes and front grilles painted in the same color as the rest of the car. The widened front and rear fenders are connected by the side skirt and a new romper incorporating a diffuser and quad tail pipes.

A rear spoiler is optional.

BMW X6 Widebody Kit CLP Bruiser 14 655x436

A new exhaust system with four tailpipes peeks through the redesigned rear bumper, and CLP completes the package with a set of bronze-colored German Diamonds wheels sized 11-by-23 inches in the front and 12.5-by-23 inches in the rear.

The kit can be finished with paint or rendered in exposed carbon fiber. CLP Automotive prices their kit at €10,000 or about US$13,500 at today’s exchange rates, which includes German VAT but not installation.