BMW launches a new series of viral videos. Produced in Singapore, the BMW Switch prank series airs its first episode: “Lost and Confused.” BMW gives us some insight on how the prank was born.

Location: Car park.
Victim: K.
Accomplice: J.

What was switched: BMW 1 Series standard specifications to BMW 1 Series with BMW Performance Power Kit and Silencer System.

J. was the first person to nominate her colleague, K., for the BMW Switch. The sweet window of opportunity availed itself to us when K. stepped out for an appointment.

What did we do?

We fitted the car park with hidden cameras, and switched her BMW 1 Series meantime. To dial up the drama, we deliberately parked our enhanced BMW 1 Series Performance at a different lot.

Her reaction was priceless. Watch it to see how everything played out.

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Next episode, “Honey, where’s my car!.”

Location: Our victim’s house
Victim: J.
Accomplice: G., his wife.

What was switched: BMW 3 Series standard specifications to BMW 3 Series fully fitted with BMW Performance Accessories including engine tuning, exhaust, interior and exterior enhancements.

When G. contacted us to switch her husband’s beloved BMW 3 Series, we jumped at the chance. With her help, we managed to fit her house with hidden cameras and microphones to capture J.’s reaction when he stepped out of the door — to find his BMW 3 Series gone and in its place, a completely different BMW 3 Series with fiercer looks and even fiercer performance.

Watch it now.