BMW has unveiled a matte black paint finish on the new M5 at the international launch in Spain. While we most often like the look of matte finish paint, in the case of the M5 – it doesn’t seem to suit the car as well. It just looks, well… unfinished. These photos do not render the paint justice, you must see this finish in person before you decide, but from where we stood, this edgy paint seemed to lessen the visual impact of the car rather than increase it. Maybe that was the point, in which case the matte finish is perfect – but we’ll stick with our gorgeous blue M5, shimmering in the sun.

Our personal favorite car to be finished in matte paint would be the Z4 based M Coupe. Its shape seems to lend well to the unique play of light across the matte finish. It becomes more of an art form, a sculpture, if you will.

No word yet on availability or timelines for this matte black finish paint to launch. As always, we will keep you posted as we learn more. For now, please enjoy these quick snap shots of the silky black M5 in Spain.