Just when you thought that there was no more hope for companies to build bahn-burners, BMW roars ahead with the new M5. It’s not easy following the phenomenal V10 powered E60 M5, but it appears that the turbo-charged V8 in the F10 M5 is a worthy successor.

Where the V10 was a naturally aspirated engine producing big horsepower at high RPM, the M tuned turbo V8 in the new M5 brings ton of torque to the party and keeps it spooled up. It gains in horsepower, but it is the torque is what transforms the M5 into Mr. Hyde.

M has decided to utilize hydraulically assisted power steering, whereas the non-M 5ers get the more energy efficient electrically assisted power steering. Of course the power is put to the ground through the rear wheels only and then the power is allocated from side to side by BMW’s clever limited slip differential.

While horsepower is improved and torque has been increased (considerably), the new M5 gets 30% better fuel economy than the outgoing E60 M5. Credit Valvetronic, direct injection, and turbo-charging for the improvement. The combination of those three systems are responsible for the improvement. The engine is coupled to a seven speed M double-clutch Drivelogic transmission.

The suspension features components whose weight has been optimized for performance characteristics. The shock absorbers are electronically controlled, the steering is M specific Servotronic. Stability control, high performance braking and M-dynamic mode compliment the superb turbo V8.

The F10 M5 styling is subtly aggressive, harking back to the Q-ship qualities of the E39 M5. Just enough has been done to distinguish the M5 from it’s lesser siblings. But they have not gone overboard (or boy racer). After all this is a four door sedan.

And its interior delivers the luxury required of a premium sedan, while still retaining the focus on the driver that you expect from a BMW. The chunky leather clad M steering wheel now has two M Drive buttons fitted to it.

And when you look past the luxury and subtle styling queues, you end up with one heckuva super car. It will do 0-100 km/h in 4.4 seconds, from 0-200 km/h takes just 13 seconds. And purchasing the optional driver’s package raises the top speed to about 190 MPH. An exceptional amount of performance in a four door sedan.