BMW UK releases another video ad of the highly emotional 2012 BMW M5. Unveiled this week at the M Festival, the new M5 is shaping up to be one of the best M cars built to date. In our recent tech analysis, we divulged some of the secrets hiding underneath the M5.

Here are some of the highlights from our exclusive report:

“The new M5 will have a weight distribution of 51% front, 49% rear.  The rear exhaust silencers are constructed of titanium and are far smaller than those featured on the series production car.  Several kilograms were saved through the application of these silencers, thus the rear end was lightened considerably.  As for the sound, we have been told the new M5 will have an exhaust note uniquely different from that of the S63 found in the X5M and X6M cars.  In the words of M’s top engineer, it will sound more like a 4 cylinder race engine than a typical V8.”

[…]the new M5 will be fitted with a new engine; it will not come equipped with the same engine as featured in the X5/X6 M cars.  True, the block and many ancillary parts will be shared, but the head, turbo system and electronics will demonstrate a major departure from those found on the X5/X6M.”

Here is the video ad: