BMW Performance Center instructors, Andy Van Cleef and our long-time friend Mike Renner, go on camera and talk about the new 2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe. While attending the US press launch at Monticello, Andy and Mike were appointed to instruct, direct and drive all the journalists present at the event.

If there is any feedback that is valuable in the BMW world, then it comes from these guys that live, breathe and drive BMWs every day, as part of their job, and what a fun job that is.

And as you would expect, both of them are excited about the new “baby-M”. This summer, the BMW Performance Center in South Carolina will receive the 1M into their fleet, so for those you that are looking to attend the M Driving School, this might be the perfect gift this year. Here is our experience at the BMW M School.

And as a bonus, we added a few other videos of the BMW 1M.

BMW 1M Drifting

[Videos: Jim Perry at DrivesTV ]