Videos: Head-Up Display in the new BMW 6 Series

Videos | May 7th, 2011 by 14
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According to BMW, it takes one second and 28 meters from the time you take your eyes off the road and read 100 km/h on the speedometer. To overcome this distraction, BMW equipped the new 6 Series with a full-color Head-Up displays.

The technology also seen on other high-end BMWs shows important information, in color and directly in your field of vision. But this time, the new BMW 6 Series convertible will benefit from a three-dimensional head-up display. The innovative system has been updated to include a broader pallete of colors that make it easy for you to recognize important information. It also sports higher resolution graphics that allow for 3D imagery.

BMW says this is the first use of the technology in the high-end convertible segment.

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The information displays directly in front of your eyes ranges from navigation directions, speed limits, lane departure warnings, Night Vision alerts and check/control messages. An interesting feature of the navigation system projection is the ability to clear display the correct lane to take at complicated motorway exits or confusing junctions.

The height and brightness of the Head-Up Display can be adjusted via the iDrive interface.

To showcase these features, BMW releases a series of video showing the new 6 Series and the 3D Head-Up Display.

14 responses to “Videos: Head-Up Display in the new BMW 6 Series”

  1. Guest says:

    This should be in all BMW’s. It’s great.

  2. Cc60 says:

    Is it possible to retrofit the existing BMWs for these safety feature?

  3. pimeto says:

    I dont know but ill wait to see some real footage of this feature, and reviews of how useful it is…
    All the movies here are CG…..

  4. Vince83 says:

    It looks exactly the same real life, but the white is actually yellow.
    You can check out my video that I posted, in the middle I start showing the color HUD with different direction pictures:

  5. M5WannaBe says:

    Does it work with polarizing sunglasses? ‘Coz the current version does not, severely limiting its usefulness in places like the desert southwest of the USA.

  6. Sahara says:


  7. Youhei Sako says:


  8. kensuke says:

    Is this really ? Supposing it is true .
    The AR technology starts from BMW. Future is pleasure. 

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