The folks at Driving-Fun return with new coverage of the BMW 1M. The Dutchmen spent some time aboard an Alpine White 1M at the Zandvoort track, just outside Amsterdam. The track was built in 1948 and hosted Formula 1 races from 1950 until 1985. It’s a very technical track, with both fast and difficult corners.

Perry Snijders and Laurens de Wit both had a BMW 130i Hatchback that was used in different racing competitions. Laurens used to race in Formula Ford, so we were interested to hear his perspective on the 1M.

Their review goes to extended length, but the main points are that although the car had some understeer in the fast corners, it is a lot better than we all expected. It is much more than a 135i on steroids. It is a real M-car and also the real successor of the E36 and E46 M3. This car is simply brilliant.

The car is said to have a very good balance, so your focus stays on the track and the engine. In M Dynamic mode, the steering is slightly heavier and moreover the throttle response is a bit brighter.

The engine makes the typical BMW six-cylinder sound. If you’re in the pit lane and the car is started, it sounds great. The car is not what you might expect from an M, but rather the civilized sporty sound of the 130i and 135i.

Full review, in Dutch, can be found here.