Maritim Film, an independent producing company, is asking BMW fans around the world to submit videos of their BMW, MINI or Rolls Royce. The subject of the story is “People who love their cars and what their brand stands for”.

We reached out to the company for further details:

“It’s strictly BMW internal project, which may become popular outside the company. We just can tell you one thing: the first to see the film is the high rank Top 50 at BMW Headquarters in Munich.”

And here is the full description as show on

“We, Maritim Film, are creating a film on behalf of the BMW Group in Munich. We try to reach BMW Fans worldwide via Forums, Blogs and Fan Clubs. Our proceeding may seem unusual to you.

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Dear BMW, MINI or Rolls-Royce Fan,

We, Maritim Film, are creating a video for BMW. It will be seen by every last BMW employee. And we want them on the edge of their seats. The subject: Real, passionate fans of BMW, MINI, and Rolls-Royce. People who love their cars and what their brand stands for.

What’s so special about it? You can play a main role. We need you, and your BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce, Husqvarna or BMW motorcycle. Classic models are welcome too. Your story, your passion, your joy, your enthusiasm as a fan are the centerpiece of the film.

Feel free to join in without a vehicle. Is there something special you’d like to show us? You have a BMW tattoo, can bake a MINI cake? Your bedroom is wallpapered with BMW posters? Let your imagination run wild. Every fan can take part.

Send us a short video by March 20th – of you and your car, in a typical or untypical situation. In everyday life, or traveling, or at a party. With friends and family, or alone. Be creative. Be yourself. Be the main character and leave the supporting role to your car or bike.

Apart from an appearance in our video, you can also receive a BMW-themed thank you from us. All who are featured will receive a gift – as well as the quickest, the most creative, the most original or most elaborate.

We’re looking forward to your contribution and thank you for your commitment.”

Submit your videos here