The New MINI was born in 2000 when BMW became the new owner of the UK-based brand. The first BMW-built MINI came to life in 2001 when the company introduced the reborn vehicle at the Frankfurt Auto Show. By 2007, MINI built 1 million units and became an important player in the compact premium segment.

Without a doubt, MINI has been one of BMW’s most successful investments in the history of the company and the UK-brand is aiming even higher. In the past few years, the company expanded its line-up by launching new vehicles that have and will create new niche segments. Just recently, MINI stepped into the territory of crossover vehicles and the MINI Countryman aims to bring a new demographic to the brand.

At the end of this year, MINI will expand its line-up once again. The MINI Coupe comes to market with a fresh, yet classic design. Six months later, MINI Roadster aims to offer an unique roadster experience driven by the front-wheels. Furthermore, building on the successful R60 Countryman platform, MINI Paceman coupe will launch in 2013, a sibling of the BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupe, but with MINI accents.

The design and youthful nature of the brand is expected to play a substantial role in the upcoming growth of the company. In 2013, the third-generation MINI will also come to market and by sharing its front-wheel drive platform with BMW vehicles, the company is expected to maintain its fairly affordable price point while reducing costs and maximizing profits.

The newly launched program MINI Yours underlines the premium character of the brand and it aims to satisfy the demand of its customers that are looking at more ways to differentiate their cars. The MINI E Scooter could also be a major step for the company as it will position itself as a premium two-wheeler automaker and bringing a whole new audience to the brand.

Last but not least, MINI’s answer to urban mobility: MINI Rocketman. Unveiled yesterday, the MINI city-car brings back the classic MINI lines and positions itself as a solution to the increased traffic in urban areas.

MINI CEO Wolfgang Ambrecht said in a recent interview for Handelsblatt that the Rocketman would well within the MINI brand and the study is looking to test the reactions from the audience. Medium term, new plans forecast around 300,000 units annually after a prosperous 2010 when the MINI brand reported its best year every with 234,175 cars sold.