Yesterday, BMW turns a new page in the history of the company. At the iconic BMW Welt building in Munich, the German automaker revealed their new plans of taking the brand to the next level, and in this case, this involves the premium electric market.

Automotive specialists have emphasized for years the importance of sustainable mobility and electric vehicles, and back in 2007, BMW took a sharp turn from their plans and Project i was born. Instead of the fans’ favorite CS Concept, a new series of vehicles went on the design table.

Almost four years later, BMW is getting close to unveil to the world their first premium electric vehicles, Mega City i3, a car designed for urban mobility. In the press conference, Ian Robertson, BMW board member responsible for marketing and sales, Dr.Klaus Draeger, head of R&D, and Director of Design Adrian Van Hooydonk took the centerstage and talked extensively about the new “i” sub-brand and what it means for the company.

BMW i Pressekonferenz BMW Welt Fotos 05 655x436The video below explains in more details BMW’s plans and what “i” represents for the brand.