BMW of North America just released the options pricing and European Delivery base price for the new 2011 BMW 1M. The US MSRP remains at $47,030, while the European Delivery pricing has been set at $43,830.

Here is a summary of the options pricing.

Premium Package – $2,400
Convenience Package – $2,700
Metallic Paint – $550 (Valencia Orange and Black Sapphire)
Heated Front Seats – $500
Satellite Radio – $350
Harman Kardon Stereo – $875
BMW Apps – $250
bmw 1m pricing 655x497

Due to the low production volume, an European Delivery order cannot be reserved by the ED department, so while the ED pricing is offered, the allocation has to come out of the dealer’s allotment.

Initially we announced that 1M allocation for the US will run at about 60 units per month for all BMW dealerships. At the time, that was the message communicated to dealers through their monthly sales call. Shortly after, BMWNA reached out to us with further explanation around the allocation and how it will be distributed in the upcoming months. Every month, BMWNA will run a new allocation based on any production volume changes from the factory. As it is mentioned in the bulletin issued today, “this could potentially add, remove or change the production slot as to when a dealer may receive their allocation”.

We reached out to Matt Russell, BMW M brand manager for an official statement. “This spring, Leipzig will be building three very popular cars: X1, 1er Coupe/Convertible, and 1M. We will try to accommodate all of the requests we get for the 1M, but we aren’t set up to churn out hundreds per day. The dealer can explain in more detail how the production calendar works. Some people will have to wait a few months to get their 1M, but if they can wait, there should be enough”, said Mr. Russell in a statement for BMWBLOG.

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