Two weeks ahead of its debut in Geneva, ActiveE’s secrets are being revealed by BMW. New information and photos are released giving us all the technical specs behind the 1 Series Coupe electric vehicle.

The number of horsepower and torque was already known, 170 horsepower, respectively 250 Nm, but the surprise comes from the overall weight of the electric conversion 1er Coupe: 1815 kilograms, approximately 400 kilograms heavier than the 170 horsepower 120i Coupe. With the upcoming Megacity Vehicle, due to its carbon-fiber frame, BMW expects to achieve an overall weight number below 1,500 kilograms.

On a full charge, BMW says the ActiveE has a driving range of 160 kilometers, but under test conditions, the company managed to achieve 240 kilometers.

Another interesting tidbit comes from the weight distribution figure. The 50:50 distribution has not been achieved with the ActiveE, official specs showing 933 to 882 kilograms, leaving the rear a little more exposed than the front. But thanks to the always-available torque, the disadvantage is less relevant in real-life driving compared to on paper.

To showcase some of the engineering behind the ActiveE, BMW releases a new videos.