BMW asked a group of automotive design students in Barcelona to imagine some concepts for ‘Suits That Transport,’ or wearable alternatives to cars.

The students at the European Institute of Design in Barcelona came up with some interesting ideas on future of urban transportation.

This first concept, Comme des Voitures, is sort of a futuristic roller blading outfit; the boots have an array of ball-bearings in the soles, while the face shield is actually a semi-transparent wraparound display that provides real time directions, traffic information and any number of other interesting distractions that seem likely to cause an accident.

04 bmw barcelona concepts

Next, City-Skiing concept that features tall and short skis, along with a suit that reminds more of an astronaut touching land on the Moon.

Another ultra-futuristic concept is the Flymag, a cape-like suit with a human-powered scooter.

To push the envelope even more, the designing team came up with B-Motion, an strange hoverboard and backpack combination.

Interesting,  yet odd concepts that will most likely remain….concepts.

[Source: Dvice via Autoblog ]