Earlier this morning we posted the first photos of the BMW 1M being drive on US roads. The “baby-M” with the new exclusive Valencia Orange paint was spotted near Philadelphia and for the first time, it gave us a glance at its road stance, engine sound and athletic abilities.

To complement our extensive photo gallery published earlier, we are now releasing two ad-hoc videos of the 1M in motion. While the camera quality and shooting angles are far from TopGear-like production, we believe the BMW fans would appreciate seeing the car in all its glory and in a real-life setup.

We learned that the 1M we spotted is undergoing a long-term test drive, and we will be able to tell you more in the near future.
bmw 1m orange 91 655x489

The US market will begin delivering cars on May 16th and around the same date, we will be able to deliver our first driving impressions. In the mean time, we are still struggling with the decision on the color choice, with the two top candidates being Valencia Orange and Alpine White.

Enjoy the exclusive videos!