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Weeks ago, BMWBLOG brought you exclusively the latest marketing gimmick from BMW. project was designed around the upcoming unveiling of the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics …

Weeks ago, BMWBLOG brought you exclusively the latest marketing gimmick from BMW. project was designed around the upcoming unveiling of the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept “Full Runner”.

The marketing idea revolved around a viral marketing campaign that will spread from blogs to mainstream media and onto social media channels. After days of contemplating with the idea of breaking the news or simply waiting for more information, we decided to go ahead and play this game of “Not Blogging About That”.

Shortly after we went live with the first photos of a 6 Series model with strange thin wheels and a widebody, the news began to spread. From automotive websites to New York Times and USA Today, among many others, “DontBlogAboutThis” became a buzz word. Several teaser episodes followed and each one of them began to point to the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept, but the series finale was somewhat of a letdown for the anxious BMW fans. The campaign promised to deliver more news at the Paris Motor Show, but instead, silence and secrecy took over.

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Days later, a new date was shown for the next episode: November 5th. This time, BMW lived up to the expectations and invited a small group of selected journalists to view the first step in the BMW VED program, a prototype of the Vision Concept with fully functional drivetrain.

In the display, there was the E63 6 Series prototype that served as a test bed for the Vision Concept.

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5 responses to “The prototype of”

  1. lboogy82788 says:

    This new super uber car will set the standard for high efficient super cars! The only competitor that I see for this car is the new Porsche GT hybrid thats coming soon! The future is now!

    • Paul says:

      have u heard of audi’s E tron dude?

      • Doug says:

        i donno about that. I’m pretty “agnostic” about this, but judging from specs and changes alone, audi is having a hard time finding the same sweet spot of performance and efficiency that the vision seems to have achieved. Not to mention design, which is evolutionary for audi but revolutionary in bmw’s case.

  2. Laszlo says:

    Where is the car ? I see a concept with a possible reality of becoming a main line car in 5-6 years.

    Elon Musk started the Tesla when ? ? ? Henrik Fisker started an electric supercar 5 years ago ? And those are independent small firms already on the market. By the time this comes alive, they will have the Gen-II out.
    its good but who is the targeted audience ?

  3. Doug says:

    I don’t get what they were trying to do with this. First they showed off the design at the car show, and it appeared from some of the official pics that this was an actual running car. THEN they heavily publicize this rough testbed car – why? Because immediately after that we have the “running” vision car, so what was the point of the testbed? What was the point of camouflaging it if nothing interesting was ever going to be revealed in the bodywork?

    Am i misunderstanding what these things are? Do I have the time line wrong as to when development was occuring on these things, such as parallel development on body/design in the concept and mechanicals in the test mule, culminating in the combined “full runner”?

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