DontBlogAboutThis – What secret is BMW “hiding”?

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If you want to keep a secret, one should keep the number of accomplices as low as possible. However, if you want to trigger speculation …

If you want to keep a secret, one should keep the number of accomplices as low as possible. However, if you want to trigger speculation and rumors, a mysterious veil needs to be laid down. This is what BMW wants to accomplish with, and we are in this case the accomplices that will try to reveal the mystery as well.

The name itself will trigger the call to blog about this, exactly the opposite of its intention…or is it? Almost every blog with reference to BMW will link to the page and speculate about what you see here, and this will add even more to the mystery before its final unveiling.

So, we will get the ball rolling and take part in this speculative game.

2012 bmw 6 series coupe teaser photos 12

The obvious first. A prototype based on the BMW 6 Series Coupe (E63). As you will see in the videos below, the rear-end of the 6er stands out first.

However, some things do not fit well with this BMW 6 Series. First, the wheel arches are different from the standard bodystyle, and the vehicle unmistakably sits on another chassis than the 6. Second, the very narrow 195 tires certainly don’t fit the profile of a sporty 6er Coupe.

Third, also notice that the vehicle has only one tail pipe on the left.

2012 bmw 6 series coupe teaser photos1 655x436

With these facts laid out, let’s try to solve the riddle. The wheels are similar to the aerodynamic ones seen on other concepts, from Vision EfficientDynamics to ActiveE. Could this point to a high fuel efficient car?

A pure electric car is unlikely due to the tail pipe already outlined above. Therefore, a hybrid with a relatively small internal combustion engine is most likely the prime suspect here.

Since BMW draws attention to the project now, we can think of an idea that the vehicle will appear at the Paris Motor Show later this month. Could be this be the second episode of Vision EfficientDynamics, first presented at the IAA in the 2009?



If a vehicle with this characteristics goes into production in the next few years, we can hope for a relatively unusual sport car from BMW. World-class performance on a par with a BMW M3 will be combined with very low fuel consumption. Thanks to consistent lightweight parts, the car will weigh well below 1,500 kg. Whether this car with 195 wheels can tolerate the power and weight, it’s something we can’t assess at the moment.

The front of the vehicle, while sitting in the shadow, is very similar to the Vision EfficientDynamics. The roof line seems to be designed like in a standard car and very conventional.


We will have more information and more reveals in the next days, despite the DontBlogAboutThis warning. Speculation will spread in all directions in the next few days and we are excited to see what the final curtain will reveal.



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