Photo Comparison: BMW 6 Series Coupe vs. BMW Gran Coupe

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Time for another unusual photo comparison, but quite necessary in our opinion. This time around we decided to put head-to-head the newly unveiled BMW 6 …

Time for another unusual photo comparison, but quite necessary in our opinion. This time around we decided to put head-to-head the newly unveiled BMW 6 Series Concept and the Beijing Auto Show’s main attraction: the BMW Gran Coupe Concept; two cars, both concepts, part of the same family and design language, and even having the same exterior designer.

Starting in 2012, the BMW 6 Series family extends with the addition of a four-door coupe that will take on the class leader Mercedes-Benz CLS and the upcoming Audi A7.

The upcoming Gran Coupe would be positioned alongside the 6 Series in terms of pricing and technology, making the purchasing choice even more difficult for the customers with deep pockets.

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As we announced months ahead of the 6 Series Coupe Concept unveiling, the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe shares some design cues with the new 6 Series family, and some front and rear-end visual details have been carried over to the new 6 Series Coupe.
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Furthermore, the Gran Coupe features a distinctive sporty character and emphasizes the new design language into a single product: a sleek, dynamic and “good looking” automobile.

Despite the “soft premiere”, the new BMW 6 Series Coupe Concept has been widely positive accepted, and most of the first look reviews are favorable to the car.


As we pointed out earlier, from the front, the car heavily resembles the Gran Coupe Concept revealed earlier this year in Beijing. The front-end is dominated by an all-LED setup, including the main lights, daytime running lights, foglights, and signal indicators.

The side design brings back memories from the CS Concept, but with some flavor from the Gran Coupe. From flame surfacing, to concave and convex shapes, the design offers substance, dynamics, sportiness and an agile allure.


But where the Concept 6 Series Coupe really shines is the rear-end presence. The trunk lid runs into the L-shaped LED taillights in a fluid, harmonious way. The rear bumper resembles closely the one seen in the Gran Coupe and the trapezoidal-shaped exhaust tips come to confirm this.

As always, at the end, we will give you the opportunity to vote on your favorite Concept and also to explain your reasoning in the comments below.

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33 responses to “Photo Comparison: BMW 6 Series Coupe vs. BMW Gran Coupe”

  1. pimeto says:

    I love them both. But if you ask me witch one i would get, it will be the Coupe because its smaller car! The grand coupe is HUGE@!

  2. I prefer the stunning 6er Gran Coupe, but I also really like the Coupe one…
    I hope that the 6er Gran Coupe we’ll be like the concept, with something different between the others 6er.

  3. Lariv says:

    I prefer the BMW 6 Series Coupe Concept because it actually looks like a coupe. The Gran Coupe is a very nice looking saloon.

  4. Dennis says:

    Definatly the coupe, but they are both stunning looking cars.

  5. Giom says:

    I don’t think the Gran Coupe (four door) is any larger than the Coupe. They’re basically one and the same car – except for the two extra doors.

    Now, if you’re a family man who loves the lines of the Coupe but needs the rear to be more accessable for your kids, the Gran would be a no brainer. Without any kids – the Coupe.

    But, they are both very good looking cars!

  6. Efoza says:

    Both are based on the 5GT design and should therefore be a joy to drive and look at.

    • X5SoB says:

      I think the nose of the Gran Coupe is much better. Otherwise, the 2door is the nicer car, but I’m an empty nester…

    • Doug says:

      So Efoza, you still haven’t explained why you mention the 5GT in every possible article, when 90% of the time it has nothing to do with it. Is this about search engine optimization?

  7. Bryce says:

    I love two-door vehicles, but the Gran Coupe looks more aggressive. I wish they wouldn’t have tamed the front of the Gran Coupe and just left it the way it was. Hopefully they’ll use something similar to that front fascia on the Gran Coupe for an M6 model.

  8. bob says:

    Where is the CHMSL?

  9. viper says:

    gran coupe is the real deal but so far these two dont exist at all , maybe in 2 or 3 years time when you walk into bmw dealer and actually see these two standing in corner then I just might consider of buying one , the gran coupe.maybe.
    the thing is though I know the production models (if the gc ever makes it) will look different , like another 4door saloon car. not a 4door coupe or anything.

    • XC says:

      Hey, wake up! You can’t afford any of these cars whatsoever. So keep your comment.

      • viper says:

        because its going to be a cheap car I could buy two for the price of a half mercedes

        • XC says:

          You know what’s the funny thing? I used to like MBs a lot… but due to YOUR increasily stupid remarks, I’m not what you can call a MB fan now.

          But alas, I keep telling myself that YOU are not the intended MB market. MBs demographic is, by definition, mature, well off, well educated people. None of which, SIR, you are.

          • FreudeKing says:

            @XC: How shallow are you? Your stop being a fan of MB because of ONE person’s strong remarks about its competitor on a blog. Clearly you are pressurised to like what people around you would like, or you say you like MB to try and get approval from those around you!

            MB’s target market are old people!

          • XC says:

            Not worth commenting.

    • Patrick Lien says:

      It might look different, but not much. This is pretty much the next gen 6 series.

      Recall, BMW released the M3 Concept Car at Geneva in March 2007, then officially released the M3 6 months later at the IAA. There was virtually no difference between the Concept M3 and the production M3, just some different wheels, regular leather vs. Alcantara in the concept, and some other market-specific modifications.

      Worldwide, the E92 M3 was available Fall of 2007, and then available in the US Spring 2008.

      BMW is set to officially reveal the new 6 at the Paris show in October, and I would expect that it would be available in some markets soon thereafter. You’ll probably be see it in US showrooms around May-June 2011 as a 2012 model.

      So Viper, you won’t need to wait 2-3 years. In some places, you’ll probably only need to wait 2 months. In the US, probably about 8-9 months. And it’ll pretty much look like it does in the pics above.

    • Patrick Lien says:

      If I were to guess where the production model might differ from this concept I’d say: wheels, side mirrors, lower rear bumper/valence, exhaust outlet shapes, CHMSL (up high in the rear window below the roof).

  10. Billy says:

    For me, the gran coupe. The 6 coupe’s rear windshield is too far forward; it doesn’t place enough weight on the rear wheel arch.

  11. Faust says:

    I think the 6-series Coupe needs that front bumper from the Gran Coupe. I don’t understand why they didn’t use it straight away. It would eliminate the only – relatively speakling – weak point of the design. A more aggressive and solid front bumper would make a big difference. Hope they can still change their mind and incorporate it in the production car.

  12. X5SoB says:

    I don’t know why my comment was attached to Efoza’s comment, stupid blog.

  13. KeyboardWarrior says:

    The lower front bumper of the 6 Series is so boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at the gc’s one and see what they have messed up! Otherwise, great cars.

    • X5SoB says:

      I agree, the lower front faschias should be switched around. Maybe that may be BMW’s plan all along.

      • Patrick Lien says:

        I don’t think the lower front fascia will change that much. With less than 1 month to its official introduction, there’s just no time to redesign it with all the cooling and induction requirements a modern car’s front design mandates.

        The next time you’ll see it change will probably be during the new 6’s LCI update in 3-4 years time.

  14. Zoryan says:

    Grand Coupe concept has better design of front end then 6 Coupe. The Grand Coupe Conept in fact looks outstanding in design and magnifys the desire to posess it, whyle 6 Coupe as for me should improve the design of a nose…

  15. Doug says:

    The front overhang is extremely large for a BMW. It looks nose-heavy by comparison to more traditional bimmers. This space would easily accommodate a V12.

  16. Vincent says:

    4980 mm for the Coupe….definitly too much. It´s a Monster, should be called a 9 Series…. I´m disgusted, the 6er is not a Competitor for the CL – Class…

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