Today’s news revolved around the official confirmation of an upcoming M model based upon the 1 Series Coupe being launched in the second quarter of 2011. The official statement came from the BMW M boss himself, Dr. Kay Segler, and confirmed our previous assumptions based upon multiple spy photos.

But one aspect that has yet to be confirmed is the naming convention that will define and label the enthusiastic M model. Our current bet goes on either the 1M badge or 135i M, the latter one following a similar approach to the Z4 M sold by BMW in the past.

With this occasion, we would like to revive an article published by our colleague Shawn Molnar:

“A Controversial ///Moniker” by Shawn Molnar

The new 1 series based ///M car is sure to be quick with very lightweight components and even more power on tap. Current spy shots look promising with muscular rear wheel fenders and massive brakes all-round. Active aero will help cut through the air at speed.

With an M tuned N55 pushing a rumored 345 hp, the power of this ‘entry’ ///M model will eclipse the power of the vaunted E46 M3. While the 135i it’s based upon tips the scales at 1560 kg (3439 lb), the M car is currently on a vigorous diet and we can expect weight loss in the realm of 100 to 200 lb. Of course, we wish for more weight shaved off, but the reality of modern safety and comfort standards see things otherwise.

Still, this kind of power to weight ratio should yield pleasing results. The stock 135i was clocked at 4.7 seconds from 0-60 (Car and Driver); speculation is a dangerous game, but we can expect to see the new M car achieve 0-60 times below 4.5 seconds. With enough weight loss it may even eclipse acceleration times of the current E92 M3 (we don’t mind).

New Efficient Dynamics technology will be in place to ensure the new M car is not only much faster, but also treads lightly on the globe. Expect to see impressive emissions figures when it’s released. True, this is not something enthusiasts typically drool over, but it does speak to the world-class engineering and technology in the car.

We are confident the M division will dial out the understeer that exists in the current 1 series, after all, the new M car’s natural habitat will be the track – a place where resistance to turn in kills lap times.
I for one desperately hope they reserve the “///M1″ name for a proper ///M supercar – a natural successor to the original ///M1. No idea how they would name it otherwise: ///M135, ///Mtii, ///M345 (hp), ///M Turbo, ///1M,  ///M we called it the one series and now we have no names left (that one’s kind of long), 1tii, ///M1tii, ///Mdrive, ///M1i, ///M1t, ///M135i, 135///M, ///M16t (1 series inline 6 turbo)? (Update: 1M and 135i M were added to the list)

Please… anything but ///M1, save that for the supercar fighting ///M Flagship. With such nostalgia and romance, the name is too legendary to use on anything but a BMW supercar – not to minimize this new ///M product.

In my humble opinion, if BMW brands it as a full M car than it must have M in the name. So as to maintain consistency in the moniker, it must also contain “1.” Keep in mind BMW broke away from tradition with the new X6///M and X5///M by placing the M behind the unique vehicle designation.

So, what will it be? Let’s see your take on the new ///M car’s proper name by selecting your choice below. If it’s not there, please add it in the comment section and we will add it too the list.
///M345 (hp)
///M Turbo
///M we called it the one series and now we have no names left (that one’s kind of long)
///M16t (1 series, inline 6, turbo)