The BMW 6 Series redesigning project has been well received by all of you here at BMWBLOG and along with the 135i Coupe project, this has been one of the most exciting episodes in our “Be A Designer” series.  With a year left before the new model rolls out, the 6 Series looks still modern as it did back in 2003, so the project of redesigning it has been more challenging than ever.

Based on your valuable and appreciated input, our rendering artist, Andrei, went through the comments and chose some of the most relevant ones, in order for the outcome to be as close to reality as possible. The result, while not as radical as one would expect, it is very much in line with some of the other newer models and quite appealing, in our humble opinion.

As you can see from the renderings below, the redesigned BMW 6 Series keeps a realistic look, rather than a prototype-like vehicle, and we’re already anxious to see what BMW has prepared for us in the next iteration of the popular 6er.


Beside the excitement of redrawing an existing BMW model, these episodes in the ” Be A Designer” series are all about bringing the community together and sharing constructive ideas.

We hope you enjoy working with us again and we would like to thank you again for your input and most important, for being part of the BMWBLOG community.

Last but not least, we would like to take a second a thank our sponsor Classic BMW, Ohio who keeps supporting us and our crazy innovative projects.

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Be A Designer BMW 6 Series Coupe
Be A Designer BMW 6 Series Coupe 01
Be A Designer BMW 6 Series Coupe 03
Be A Designer BMW 6 Series Coupe 04
Be A Designer BMW 6 Series Coupe 14
Be A Designer BMW 6 Series Coupe 15

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Update: The front-end as designed by


Your Input


  • the X6 headlamps
  • simple, clean, elegant & sport characteristics like the new 5 series F10


  • Much larger and more masculine rear wheel wells.
  • More sculpted front bumper/air dam with vertical cross members continuous with the hood-crease on both sides.
  • A more imposing kidney grill.
  • A lateral concave aspect to the rear bumper.


  • Change the alloy wheels.
  • Give it LED angel lights with the eyebrow in a CS style shape.
  • Reduce the size of the boot lid and smoothen the boot lid.
  • Have quad exhaust pipes.
  • Change the bumper and square of the kidney grilles.


  • I hate these e90 radiator grills. the upper part is to much chrome and the other sides too few.
  • also the car should look a bit more aggressive (more like its antecessor)


  • get rid of the chrome and give it more agressive front.
  • LED tail lights and more noticable L tail lights


  • the door mirrors, they should be a more fluid organic shape
  • The grill could be more prominent – ala the CS


  • The alloy rims are super i wouldn’t change them.
  • one thing it needs is to get of the ugly grill of the e90..a simple one could do the job


  • some of the new Z4s front end features mixed with some elements from vision concept
  • from the side view, have the pointy end protrude from the bottom of the backlight. rear view, let the light have narrow extending part come from up not below


  • Change the foglights to LED lights that are arranged in a horizontal line
  • Side mirrors of the e92 M3
  • Indicator lights on the front wheel arches
  • Remove the rear bumper lights/reflectors or at least change them
  • Rims in black

Javier Gil Martino

  • Get rid of those mustached kidney grilles (it seems they have and eyelid) Put something similar to E92
  • The end of the hood near the grilles (its final line) has to be in the limit with the grilles just as E82/E92/E93 and NOT like F01/F10/X1
  • The line at the shouder has to be wiht the door handle, just as F01, E92,etc
  • Rear taillights with a design more like F01/F10/E92 in two pieces each with L-shape LEDs


  • A beautiful matte grey wouldn’t go a miss either.

Ted Spahr

  • It needs something to break up the side, like the E92 M3 has on each side, the “style line” if you will, it needs to be much more aggressive and bold.
  • The headlights have always reminded me of lazy eye… Like someone else has said, X5/6 headlights would really set off the 6.
  • Something to make the hood a bit more aggressive, like the M3, a little bulge and some subtle vents maybe?

Ian Thompson

  • the third brake light has to go somewhere else or make it less noticeable


  • the front grill of the new 3 series coupe facelift, the hood of the m3


  • slightly bolder wheel wells and rear end similar to the Fisker Latigo CS.

Mike Messer

  • More aggressive front bumper.
  • Remove the reflectors on the rear bumper.
  • Smooth out the line between the trunk lid and the side quarter panels.
  • Increase the tailpipes to about 4″, they look slightly out of place being the size they are.
  • Drop the front by 1.25″ and the rear by .75″.
  • M-Parallel wheels in 18″ (the update on the Style 37’s).
  • Give a little bit more character to the side skirts.
  • make the eyebrow over the headlights not have a checkered pattern.


  • rear num plate in between the lights
  • Deeper bumper similar to 3er performance pack. Longer and more slender looking roofline.


  • Much nicer are the cars that look calm, but powerful at the same time, like a reposeful beast that says “I know I’m a great and powerful car”