Be A Designer: Here is the BMW 135i Coupe redesigned by you

Be a designer | October 21st, 2009 by 51
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The BMW 135i Coupe redesigning project has been one of the most exciting episodes in our “Be A Designer” series. With a lot of enthusiasts …

The BMW 135i Coupe redesigning project has been one of the most exciting episodes in our “Be A Designer” series. With a lot of enthusiasts behind this model, we were positive that the input will be numerous, but valuable at the same time.

Our rendering artist, Andrei, had to sort out some of the comments and choose the best design elements in order to re-draw the 1er Coupe. While many of you might have wanted to see an M1 replica, the truth is that the 135i Coupe was designed as a performance car, but not in the M class, so we decided to stay on the same course.

Beside the excitement of redrawing an existing BMW model, these episodes in the ” Be A Designer” series are all about bringing the community together and sharing constructive ideas. As you can see from the renderings below, the redesigned Coupe keeps a realistic look rather than a prototype-like vehicle. Truth is that the 135i Coupe design is already appreciated by the BMW community and many of you believe that only minor changes are needed.

BMW 135i BD BB 01 021 654x436

While some changes are subtle, the overall look of the car has become more aggressive and imposing, and the carbon fiber rook and new wheels, are just the icing on the cake.

We hope you enjoy working with us again and we would like to thank you again for your input and most important, for being part of the BMWBLOG community.

Last but not least, we would like to take a second a thank our sponsor Classic BMW, Ohio who keeps supporting us and our crazy innovative projects.

Project sponsored by Classic BMW, Ohio

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Matt Montgomery

  • Headlights need to continue along the line of the hood, same width, just not turned down at an angle
  • Kidney grilles should each be wider, filling out the space between the headlights
  • Front skirt would look great with a carbon fiber diffuser as would the rear. Also carbon out the side mirrors and the antenna fin
  • Mirror the double exhaust on the right side for a quad exhaust look.
  • shrink the taillights north to south so they wrap around the car with more of a ‘widescreen’ format.
  • Strap on some CSL type 19′ wheels in carbon fiber
  • take the car’s paint to Marrakesh Brown Metallic as seen on the new x1
  • Remove the 135i badge


  • the headlights I would like it to be slimmer and more aggressive. And I might want the kidney grilles to be a bit bigger.


  • quad square exhausts
  • the headlights need to be slimmer & more streamlined for a more aggressive look


  • Quad Exhaust
  • Add the headlights from the 2010 3-series rendering, they look slimmer and more aggressive IMHO.
  • Black Carbon-Fiber Roof
  • Interlagos Blue
  • Add the CS slivers on the side intakes of the front spoiler. I like the current front spoiler though and wouldn’t change it, just add the sliver things.
  • Idea: Would the Z4 grill and tail-lights fit?
  • Arrow crease on the front hood
  • Cooler mirrors (the current ones look pretty lame)
  • Slim the taillights to make them look aggressive
  • adding some muscle to the fenders, we might as well do the same thing here!




  • symmetric double exhaust
  • gill ventilation on the left and right sides near doors.


  • headlights – the two circles should be bigger and more spaced to use the whole headlights inner surface, while the blank-turning signal area should be stripped down.
  • Make the whole front cut much more upright and clean
  • The grill should be incorporated to the hood.


  • Add larger grille with shark nose effect, maybe sqare-ish Angel Eyes without the plastic cover in front of the headlights, like the old school Bimmers..
  • The car only need more aggressive headlights other than that its perfect.


  • The sagging line over the body panel looks too loose, tighten it up. and lower the upper crease some.
  • Light lines/Bars on the rear tails (a-la the 3er and the 7er)

Mike Messer

  • I would like to see the e39 m5/e46 m3 side mirrors to get rid of the crease in mirrors.
  • A very slight “eyebrow” for the lights.
  • Black “Shadow” line trim for around the windows and kidney grills.
  • 6000k angel eyes.
  • Get rid of the horizontal line in the intake for the front fender, replace with the black mesh found in the “center intake” on the fender.
  • The center tail/brake light should be placed in the top center of the rear wind shield (where it belongs)
  • Make the front portion of line above the side skirt angled slightly more down instead of up, for a more aggressive feel.


  • more aggressive headlights. Nothing borrowed from other BMWs
  • a lower roof line – just slightly. It should accentuate the sporty stance


  • Aggressive front lights (as the e90 335i)
  • LED lights on tail-lights
  • 135i Performance Rims
  • Carbonfiber roof as the m3


  • more aggressive headlights, taillights from CS and a lil bit lower roof at the end of the car

Mauro Corti

  • More aggressive tail LED lights, newer front lights (3er restyling / 7er / 5er GT), larger kidneys like z4’s ones.


  • Slimmer headlights (to give it less of a big eyed look), grill tilted from the top outer more like the 80’s style BMW’s. the rear windshield should flow more into the trunk instead of the more angeled look.


  • Slimmer sharper headlight from 3er coupe
  • Lower edgier roof line to create a super car stance.


  • It could use a more elegant roofline. Rear seats are kind of a joe anyway, so may as well make the rear window slope a bit more, like a 3 series. Loose the bubble top.

51 responses to “Be A Designer: Here is the BMW 135i Coupe redesigned by you”

  1. Goran Radulovic says:

    This is best looking BMW of all time :)

  2. I agree, I wish I could buy it!

  3. Phong Vt says:

    Very nice !
    i like it so much, especially the front !

  4. michael says:

    well done :)
    that headlights & grill look fantastic

  5. KidrauhlM5 says:

    The front is sooo aggresive!!! But I kinda miss the L-shaped rear light but nontheless, it certainly is looks stunning than before!!! Fantastic job guys :)

    Forgot to mention that a bit of curve at the bottom side of the car has been removed and that really made the car looks even better…

  6. Goran Radulovic says:

    It looks better than old E46 series which was the most attractive BMW in my oppinion

  7. Petre Sebe says:

    This resembles a lot the E46 in the front, which is probably why it looks so darn good. Of course, this will never make it to production but we can all dream of the perfect design at least…

  8. Mauro Corti says:

    Impressive… why can’t bmw ask to us for advice before drawing every car xD ?

  9. Sheikh says:

    Very, very nice !

  10. wazon says:

    Front is great, much more spotive and agressive than that of 1-er. Headlights in actual 1-er is something that really needs to be redesigne, since it’s the worst element of its style IMO. Your idea of their evolution is great and I would be glad to see something similar in upcoming model. Great job, thanks! However, personally I prefer L-type taillights, so original 1-er e82 back fits better to my teste.

  11. chris says:

    Nice, but if you’re going to apply M treatment, it needs side gills at the minimum, and perhaps some hood vents in the same vein as the M3.

  12. L1ndja says:

    well done

  13. HH says:


  14. Victor says:

    oh my God! Very GOOD! Thanks for my notes which you added! :):)

  15. Dal says:

    If they would only steal these great ideas…

  16. Mike Messer says:

    I’m really liking the out come!

  17. Horatiu B. says:

    I can say that I’m very glad you guys enjoyed this. The project has been unique, I don’t recall anyone doing this before and I have to admit, I was afraid it will fail in the beginning. But, with your help, input, it’s going strong.

    What’s even more exciting is the fact that your input truly is valuable, the car has not turned out to be a “concept-like” or futuristic design, but rather a “doable” production model.

    Of course, it’s easier for us, the BMW fans, to redesign the car based on what BMW did previously. It is much harder for the exterior designers to conceive the car from scratch, following the BMW design language and most important, the restrictive safety regulations.

  18. Glad Glad to see you guys liked the car. This project was again very fun for me too, and I was excited to work with the very pertinent input you provided.

  19. Kyle says:

    Truly inspired! I almost want to buy a 135 and have it made to be exactly like that

  20. 740i says:

    wow very nice..good job guys looks amazing.

  21. Michael Bach says:

    Wow this is amazing. The 1 series headlights is what kept me away from the 1 series in the first place. If it looked it this, I’d take this over an M3 and pocket 20K.

    This is near perfect.

  22. Victor says:

    Could you play with M6 ?


  23. Giom says:

    Very good and beautifull. This design could actually go into production and look great! Great job!

  24. nabil says:

    very nice,,, can we move on to the 6 series now? and the 5er after or even before!

  25. Ankit Haria says:

    The overall design design looks sexy .But i think you should also provide it with sexy looking side skirts .

  26. aburo rogers says:

    am talented young man in high school[science department] and i have been following up programs of car renovations in discovery channel and I’ve come to like them up to the point of taking part in the designing schemes. I must appreciate the fact that your car designs are always the best.With what i have been practicing so far concerning exterior designs and body style of cars, i want to be a part of the BMW DESIGNING TEAM.i am assured that you people will make use of my talents so that we can open a new door into car designing
    i want to give you the assuraYOUNG EINSTEIN”

    thanks for understandability please am waiting for your reply at aburorogers@yahoo.comding that it will be frl and creative working with this “

  27. Branimir says:

    i like it, it´s beautiful, maybe if the backside would look more like shark tail (like in the e36, e46,…) and the backlights with LED diods and stylized, but i really LIKE IT, it´s great, atractive, dynamic it´s BMW as it should be

    p.s. i hope it´ll go to production

  28. Chris says:

    Looks like it should be a 1-series M, not just a new 135i

  29. Cristian says:


  30. Radan says:

    That’s not BMW !!! ….that is a car without personality,I don’t like.

  31. ABURO ROGERS says:


  32. Andy says:

    Slim the tail lights even more to make them more aggressive.

    The side body lines do not look bmw at all. The indent still really bugs me. Fix this and maybe add a line of trim or something would continue the wide look of the front and rear bumpers.

    The front grill leans too far foward from the top and is too wide. Or if you are going to keep that grill, then the front bumper needs to be changed accordingly, it doesn’t look right to have the bottom of the bumper smooth.

    Make the lines of the rear bumper’s diffuser match the lines of the trunk lid.

    Make the wheels slightly more concave in the front and a lot more concave in the rear for a staggered look. This concave look along with semi stretched tires will help to create the wide body look that is desired, while giving the stance a slight bit of poke.

    A nice touch would be small m-like grills for venting on the top of the hood near where the spray nozzles are for the washer fluid. This adds to the overall aggressive look.

    I think that with these changes the car will be more on track to looking more like the aggressive BMW that it was meant to be.

  33. Andy says:

    Oh yeah, and wider rear fenders please!

  34. Dimas says:

    3 в одном 1-я ,3-я и М3. Прикольно!!!

  35. Muhammad Bassa says:

    Please could someone contact me, i would like to do the dual exhaust even if a dummy, jus need some advice on how to get it done. would they have to cut the diffuser?

  36. Tyler says:

    this looks much better than the new one coming out. Thumbs up!! :D

  37. Tyler says:

    this looks much better than the new one coming out. Thumbs up!! :D

  38. Aleksandar Maric says:

    “Be a Designer” look is more then better… Trust me!!!

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