We’ve been having an internal debate here at BMWBLOG as to which car represents the greater value, the 335is or the M3. After the dust settled we decided to consult with our resident expert, the good Dr Oetker.

But before we jump into the interview, allow us to leave with you this memorable quote:

The 335is has been “tuned” by ///M. The M3 was handmade by ///M

Dr. Oetker, can you help us with a little question we’re having deciding on which car represents the best value, the 335is or the M3?

What do you intend to do with this car? Make ice cream runs?

Well that’s just it we haven’t decided exactly how we’ll be using the car. There’s some talk about lap times, track days, and optimal slip angles, and other discussion about high altitude passes in the Rockies and two lane twisties?


All that just to get ice cream?

Well not just ice cream. I mean the 335is has a great engine, sport suspension and fabulous brakes as well as a good number of M cosmetic pieces. But the M3 has that wonderful siren song of a V8 exhaust and the stratospheric 8400 RPM redline as well as the brilliant chassis. It’s a difficult decision.

I still don’t understand where the ice cream comes in to this picture.

Well maybe if we looked at the value of the car, for instance the 335is has a base price of $50,525, while the M3 Coupe has a base price of $58,400, a difference of $7,875 . . .

That’s a lot of ice cream!

Some of the staff believe that you can mod the 335is to beyond M3 specs with that price differential. But others warn that modding leads to warranty issues.

And less ice cream, I might add.

The M3 has an LSD and a naturally aspirated engine and may be better suited for track days than touring, while the fat, flat torque curve of the 335is is ideal for mountain roads and two lane highways. I imagine it all gets down to what you want to use it for.

That’s right, now let’s go get some ice cream!

Thank you Dr. Oetker, I think . . .

So, after the good Dr. has weighed in, what do you, gentle readers, think. M3 or 335is?

Pros and cons please – and as always, Marquis de Queensbury rules apply.