As we announced weeks ago, our sister blog BimmerToday is attending the International Media Launch of the new 2011 BMW 5 Series that takes place in Lisbon, Portugal. In the next few days, through our editor Benny, we will bring exclusive, live coverage from the event, including photos, videos and on-site interviews.

Benny had a chance to drive the new BMW 535i, powered by the all-new N55 engine that debuted in the 5GT. His first impressions begin with the the adaptive suspension and the different driving modes that are available. We believe that the F10 will satisfy both the needs of sport-oriented driver, as well as the comfort needed by certain people.

On the streets along the Portuguese coast, the 5 Series showcases a convincing, precise handling that one expects from a BMW. The sedan handles tendency to understeer very well, offering a very balanced ride.


With its growth in size, unfortunately, the weight of the F10 and in the case of the 535i with automatic transmission, is now at 1,775 kilograms according to EU standards. But the crucial question is, of course, whether the increased weight affects the handling of the sedan.

But as we experienced today, one should not worry, thanks to its adaptive suspension, the ride quality doesn’t suffer and continues to offer an impressive, dynamic ride.

Fuel consumption (not officially measured by us), as reported by the onboard computer, is around 11.6 liter/100km (20.2 MPG), significantly higher than the officially reported 8.4 liter/100km figure. Granted though, the car has been put through some intensive driving and fuel preservation has been the least of our concerns.

These are our first thoughts from Portugal, but expect a more complete report in the upcoming hours. For now, stay tuned for more exclusive news from BimmerToday and BMWBLOG!