At a recently held climate forum in Toronto, Canada, several honorary guests were present, including guest speakers former American Vice President Al Gore and Canadian environmental advocate and scientist Dr. David Suzuki. Speaking on the topic of climate change and environmental awareness, these men made an impression upon their audience.

A third guest was present, and this guest also left an impression on the audience – demonstrating technology’s role in reconciling performance automobiles with a healthy planet. This guest said not one word, but gave great testimony that such reconciliation can be accomplished.

BMW’s silent speaker, the 335d was present in Efficient Dynamics garb. BMW has solidified its commitment to environmental concerns as they continue to sponsor global climate forums such as this one in Toronto. As part of their initiative, BMW supplied a BMW 335d advanced Diesel for a prize package at the forum. The winner was selected from among those who wore their radio frequency ID badge to visit every exhibition booth present at the Forum.

BMW 335d Allstream Global ForumThrough this initiative and others, BMW continues to solidify its leadership in automotive environmental responsibility.

Thank you to BMW Canada for the images