2011 BMW 550i Exterior Photos

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BMW 550i F10 08 750x500

At the new 5 Series official launch, BMW had in displayed several models from the 5er family. One of them is the high-end and most …

At the new 5 Series official launch, BMW had in displayed several models from the 5er family. One of them is the high-end and most expensive model in the line-up, 2011 BMW 550; M5 excluded of course.

The top-of-the-range BMW 550i arrives with BMW’s “reverse-flow” V-8 engine featuring twin turbochargers and High Precision direct injection for maximum output of 400 hp.

BMW plan to give 8-speed transmissions to all of the 5 Series line-up. The 8-speed will likely be pulled straight from the existing 750Li and 550i GT making for a strong transmission that will allow the driver to experience all-round improved fuel efficiency with higher gearing while also allowing for better acceleration. The two taller gears in the 8-speed are ideal for cruising speeds and BMW has managed to improve the weight savings of the transmission to such a point that there is no additional weight added from the extra two gears. For those wanting to extract and put down power manually, a 6-speed gearbox will be available in the U.S. market for the bigger 535i and 550i.

BMW 550i F10 01 655x491

Design wise, the 550i will differentiate ittself at the rear-end by the two trapezoidal exhaust tips, as seen in the new 7 Series as well.

A different set of wheels will also be available for the new 550i.

As we learn more information on the new BMW 550i, we’ll update the article.

18 responses to “2011 BMW 550i Exterior Photos”

  1. L1ndja says:

    I cant understand one thing.. is there a manual gearbox for the 535i and 550i versions in europe ?

  2. Benny says:

    Not for the 550i, but you can get the 535i with a manual if you want to.

  3. It looks like a Japanese car with those stupid exhaust tips. Pass me some rolled quads, please.

  4. Michael says:

    Will there be an x-drive variant as well?

    • arman says:

      why would u want a x-drive version. this new 5 series will feature new 8 speed sport automatic transmission. plus it will handle like the new x5m and x6m.. i guarantee you this car will do it all…you dont want to mess up the drifting plus awesome handling of a rear wheel drive with a x-drive.. trust me i have driven the new 750i and 750i with x-drive the regular 750i with rwd handles better…

      • Doug says:

        Anybody who drives to ski resorts will strongly desire AWD. Or.. gets stuck in snow, or has to drive to work regardless of condition.

        Or, anybody who’s tried to enter traffic and failed to launch –dangerously– when the road was wet.

        Plenty of good reasons for AWD. Not in SoCal, but most other places.

  5. L. Hamilton says:

    This car looks like a 3 series Limo… Why dont rename this car: BMW 335 Li

  6. efoza says:

    This design is growing fast on me. Just look at the bonnet. It has such distinct lines on it. Its great. The GT is more of an exclusive design whereas this is a mass market product which I think BMW is going to do really well given the comments I have seen and heard on the design. One would be a fool to buy and Audi or Benz when the other option would be grand car which this seems to be.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Exactly, the 5 GT is a niche product so it has to look somewhat exclusive, odd I would even say, while the 5 Series has to be a mass seller and hopefully the margin profits are large on it.

  7. KASHIF KHAN says:

    according to me bmw has gone completly nuts .the last 5 was totally an extrovert and aggressive design..which i just loved(n even my countryfellows) and this new one is an introvert and almost conservative.the new one has a number of lines on bonnet,side..but designers forgot a car’s beauty is not defined by no of creases it has but overall stance is what matters.in india beemer 5 is an hugely expensive machinery and when someone pays that kinda money the person needs to show off his car..which the lastbeemer5 did but the new one mises everything.i think bmw is going to give its throne to merc e in india,which is the highest growing luxury car market.

    • Saleem says:

      Have you gone mad ? This BMW is a marvel and those looking for more stance will certainly find it in the M variant. But the new Eclass from Merc is a declaration to ugliness. Bah humbud to Merc. Long live the King. i was rooting for Audi but they really dropped the ball on that A6.

    • Daniel H. says:

      I read that BMW rotates designs every generation Between Evolutionary and revolutionary. The E60 is Revolutionary, the F10 is Evolutionary.

      BTW Audi is the Fastest Growing, not Benz. America and Japan are catching up realy fast though.

      Lastly, its not about the looks, its how it drives

  8. Johnny says:

    A 400 horsepower twin turbo V8? This car has a twin turbo V8, and it only puts out 400 horsepower? A twin turbo V8 should be putting out somewhere between 450 – 600 horsepower. This car seems very underpowered.

  9. Q says:

    what color is it???

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