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Car Tips | November 6th, 2008 by 7

I drive a fair amount between Florida and Georgia and aside from killing millions of Florida love bugs along the way; I also have picked …

I drive a fair amount between Florida and Georgia and aside from killing millions of Florida love bugs along the way; I also have picked up a number of small rock chips in the nose and bumper of my car. I’ve also curbed ( picked up curb rash) on some of my rims from awkward exits coupled with the unusually high and close curbs of the parking deck at my office.

Due to that, I had a few noticeable blemishes on the wheels and hood/grill area I wanted to clean up. Thankfully, I found an easy solution that worked well on my previous Orient Blue 325i. I surfed over to Bavarian Autosport and picked up some paint pens that color-matched my exterior paint and wheels. Search for “paint pens” then narrow it down by your year and model. The pens are a perfect color matches to the factory paint(the Silver Gray paint I used looked identical, even after the paint dried).

I picked up the Silver Gray pen which worked flawlessly and then a pen for “Silver Wheels” which cleans up any scratches on alloys(the color doesn’t match on gun metal colored wheels like the E46 M3’s 18 inch rims). The wheel paint works well as long as you’ve thoroughly cleaned the areas that are scratched/ chipped. In some cases you may find that you’ll need to put on one layer, let it dry for approximately thirty minutes then apply another. I did between two and three coats on the wheels while the rock chips on the nose of the car only required one or two. The wheels now look normal from 3 feet away and the rock chips seem to have evaporated from the nose of the car.

If you decide to use the paint pens, make sure to try and do it later in the day after thoroughly washing you car but before waxing it. You’ll want to attempt this out of direct sunlight to prevent the paint from not drying. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully and allow the pen to bleed into the pen tip before application. I also recommend having some paper towels handy just in case so that you don’t need to worry about any excess paint. In my opinion, this product does wonders for exterior paint, especially the darker colors, as it helps to hide any primer color revealed from rock chips. It’s also a good way to clean up rims in case you’ve chipped yours as well!

7 responses to “How To Use Paint Pens”

  1. adood84 says:

    No pics of before and after?

  2. Gragop says:


    No, like a retard I just went out and did it without thinking about writing about it. I was also back in GA at my family’s house and didn’t bring my camera and didn’t think to use mom’s.

    However, I can probably take some after pics. I do have one after I did it but it’s a nighttime shot I took playing with dad’s Nikon D50. I can put that up if anyone wants to see it.

  3. Celery says:

    Any idea where to get these for my MINI by any chance?

  4. Gragop says:


    Celery, you can pick up Mini paint pens on Bavarian Autosport too. If you search for “paint pens” then scroll to the bottom of the model list MINI vehicles are also listed just below BMW’s.

  5. Celery says:

    Cheers Gragop.
    I suppose I did not scroll down enough. I will give that a go then.

  6. Clara says:

    Considering that you’re going through the clearcoat to really scratch the paint, do you need some kind of clearcoat pen to get the reflectivity to match?

    Also… I need to fix gouged plastic somehow. Any ideas?

  7. Gragop says:


    You can actually pick up a clearcoat pen for scratches that don’t go thru the clearcoat itself. In theory, you could use the clearcoat pen to touch up spots that you’ve used a paint pen on. However, I haven’t tried the clearcoat yet.

    As for most plastic parts, I believe they can be replaced or changed out. Where is it gouged?

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