BMW 320d Review and Autobahn Drive

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So my buddy Tom Cruz just got back from a nice little trip to Germany. Once he got to Germany he drove all around Europe, …

So my buddy Tom Cruz just got back from a nice little trip to Germany. Once he got to Germany he drove all around Europe, and at one point got the luxury of renting and driving a 2008 BMW 320d. He absolutely loved it! But I’ll let you watch his little review of it.

The reason it’s so dark in the video is because it was the only time when Tom could be alone with the car to talk about it, and he had to return it at 7 AM the following morning. Anyone want to know what that would have sounded and looked like? Yeah, me either. I’ve seen Tom at 12 in the afternoon, and that’s bad enough… He apologizes, but I think you can get the basic drift of what a great car it is. God, I can’t wait until BMW brings the diesels over here. Hurry please!

Also, I just added the video of Tom doing 220 KPH on the Autobahn.

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6 responses to “BMW 320d Review and Autobahn Drive”

  1. Horatiu B. says:

    WOW, he rocked it!!! Tell him I’m proud of his achieved speed. You gotta love the Autobahn, I can’t wait to go back!

  2. Benny says:

    I am always amazed how much you like the Diesels. Here in Europe everyone who can afford it and doesn’t drive to many kilometers per year takes the petrol-engines. This is because the Diesel-engines don’t sound very good and only have a small area (usually 2000-3500 rpm) where they are really good. So you have to shift a lot, at least in manual transmission cars. There are exceptions to that rule, and these are from BMW: The x35d and the new x23d-engines are really good from 1500-4500 rpm, but that is still not a real big area compared to good petrol-engines that have power from let’s say 2500-7000 rpm. If the Diesel-engine is big enough, 3 litre and above, you don’t feel the lack of power in lower revs that much and it is acceptable. On the Autobahn Diesels can be driven very comfortable since you can stay in the 5th or 6th gear in almost any situation, but on normal roads where you have to accelerate more often I don’t really like it. 6-cylinder-Diesels are a lot better than the 4-cylinders though, which is mainly because of the sound. They don’t sound great but not as terrible as the 4-cylinder-Diesels ;-)
    Well, you will see and you will decide, but I would definitely choose a 3-litre-petrol-engine over a 3-litre-Diesel, especially if the petrol-engine is turbocharged too. Any petrolhead in Europe would do that I guess ;-)

  3. Dan C says:

    Before I die, I have to drive a BMW on the autobahn.

  4. RawAutos says:

    @Benny: I just love the principle of them. They are so sporty and fun and don’t drain gas mileage. I agree that I would much rather have a petrol engine over a 4-cylinder Diesel, but I would love to have a 6-cylinder Diesel. I think when the 335d hits our shores it will be well received by a certain community of BMW people… I know they are slower than the regular cars, but they are still spritey and fun. A 335d will roughly be the same performance as a 2006 E90 330i. That’s not bad in my book for a Diesel.

  5. Benny says:

    The performance is very good, of course, a 335d is a really fast car. But I don’t accept the “sporty” character of the Diesels. What is missing for me, and this is essential for me, is a sporty sound. And a Diesel does not sound sporty, at least if you ever heard a sporty petrol engine. I mean, my small Mini Cooper sounds way sportier than my dads 525d… And the Diesel is much faster than my little Mini ;-) Well, if you don’t care about sound than Diesel is really the way to go, you will not find a better combination of gas-mileage and performance and this offers comfort as well, because you don’t have to fuel up as often as with a petrol-car that offers similar performance.

  6. Horatiu B. says:

    @Benny: You guys see too many diesels around you that’s why you don’t get excited lol

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