BMW i3S iPerformance coming to Frankfurt Auto Show this September

BMW i | May 28th, 2017 by 33
BMW i3 Carbon Edition 06 750x500

This September, BMW will unveil a new version of the i3 electric car. BMWBLOG reported earlier this year that the i3S will be the top …

This September, BMW will unveil a new version of the i3 electric car. BMWBLOG reported earlier this year that the i3S will be the top model of the electric range with a series of subtle styling updates that help to visually differentiate it from its four-year-old predecessor, but also performance improvements.

Built upon the current i3, but with tech and features from the upcoming i3 facelift, the i3s is expected to deliver between 10 and 15 more horsepower than the current model – which offers 168 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque – enough to propel the i3 from 0 to 62 mph in 7.3 second. The slight bump in power is likely to offer a faster standard sprint.

BMW i3 Carbon Edition 07 750x500


Autocar UK reports that the front-end will feature a re-profiled front bumper housing new slim line fog lamps in place of the round units used today, altered LED headlight graphics, revised sills underneath the doors, reworked tail-light lenses, a deeper and reshaped rear bumper, new alloy wheels and a wider range of optional two-tone exterior colour schemes.

The final badge on the boot is rumored to be i3S Performance which emphasizes the sporty abilities of the revised i3. The increased performance of the i3S iPerformance is achieve through a number of detailed chassis tweaks, including the adoption of a 40mm wider front track and a 10mm reduction in ride height over the standard version of the updated i3.

Autocar also confirms that BMW has also reprogrammed the dynamic stability control system of the i3 to provide the facelifted model with added grip and traction in wet conditions.

The interior is expected to be refreshed with an updated infotainment system, as well.

33 responses to “BMW i3S iPerformance coming to Frankfurt Auto Show this September”

  1. Johan Mo says:

    No increase in range on the facelift version?

      • Mark Dawson says:

        Bmw is dead in the water unless it can double the range.

      • hinu7ycfgr5e says:

        That doesn’t seem right. It makes no sense we won’t see the new 120 Ah cells from Samsung SDI. Didn’t Samsung SDI project production capacity in 2017?

        Seeing as LG have the energy density equal or similar to Samsung SDIs 120 Ah cells, it would make sense if BMW have either been putting pressure on their supplier or considering moving to a new one.

        Horatiu, they can’t release a new facelifted i3 with a 33 kWh battery… They just can’t. This is an outrage!

        • Tommolog says:

          The 33 kWh pack powered by the 94 Ah cells hasn’t even been on the market for 11 months yet. My guess is BMW launches the 2018 with the 94 Ah cells and then gets a mid year upgrade to the 120 AH cells which should increase the pack to about 44 kWh.

          That way BMW gets two sales bumps in a 6 month period, the first from the refreshed looks & new S model and then the battery bump half a year later.

          • hinu7ycfgr5e says:

            They are already sort of behind, also in energy density. The ever-changing terrain has changed disproportionally to the point where BMW must defend their position in the market to a greater degree.

            I’ll find it amazing if they take the risk of waiting until Q2/17 with the 44 kWh upgrade.

            I was actually planning on being as stupid as getting an BMW i3S while waiting for my Model 3. That won’t happen if only has a 33 kWh battery. Especially not when the competitors are making the move to >40 kWh.

            And what about that price? It costs more than Model 3, Bolt and the rest of its competitors. It’s a 4-seater and it’s small and quirky. The base model is stripped because they want to sell options. Some of its great attributes like the upgradable/swappable battery pack gets little concern by potential customers. Something that in itself is a huge selling point. One of many things that makes this a great long-term vehicle.

    • Dugan says:

      They’ll be killed by the Chevy Bolt because of the lousy 110 miles (100 in actual usage) range

      • hinu7ycfgr5e says:

        It’ll make me so mad if BMW messes this up… -_- It’s a brilliant car, keep it alive, damn it. They’ve also made a battery upgradable platform that should be kept many years to come. In the future, old i3s will easily be kept relevant with an battery upgrade. In the long run, this should be cheaper than buying a new car and the owners can get a decent price for their car.

        The BMW i3 is already a stretch for many and it’s a 4-seater! Meaning, families walk right past it.

      • Calvin Grier says:

        Not sure where you heard about “100 miles actual usage” because I own one, and it usually exceeds the EPA estimates, driving normally with a mix of highway and surface streets.

        Any the Bolt does have better range, but the inside feels like a Chevy, not a BMW. No comparison really.

  2. Gerald Hopf says:

    The i3 needs more range, not a very slightly improved acceleration.
    And the entertainment system DESPERATELY needs to get CarPlay support. The fact that it still does not have this in BMWs technology showcase vehicle is a sad sad joke.

  3. hinu7ycfgr5e says:

    An increase of 10 to 15 HP is what the standard i3 should get. The i3S should pass the 200 HP mark.

    The new i3s that came out already got a decrease in performance. It’s not unthinkable that we’ll see another weight increase. As far as I know, software updates has also made it slower over the years.

    They should to improve the performance and constant power output in both of these models.

  4. guest says:

    Still the most innovative EV & look @ the negativity of these comments. i3 is pretty much unique in marketplace, not surprising it’s a niche vehicle. So was the original 2002, look what grew from that!

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