Future BMW i3 S aims to be a sportier electric vehicle

BMW i | February 7th, 2017 by 29
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Late last year, first rumors of a sportier version of BMW’s i3 electric car surfaced on the interwebs. An independent source told BMWBLOG today that …

Late last year, first rumors of a sportier version of BMW’s i3 electric car surfaced on the interwebs. An independent source told BMWBLOG today that the i3 S will be shown before the end of the year with sales projected for 2018. While not confirmed for every world market, the expectations are that new model will be sold alongside the “standard i3.”

The i3S, as it is expected to be called, aims to be the market’s first proper electric hot hatch. Built upon the current i3, but with tech and features from the upcoming i3 facelift, the i3s is expected to deliver between 10 and 15 more horsepower than the current model – which offers 168 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque – enough to propel the i3 from 0 to 62 mph in 7.3 second. The slight bump in power is likely to offer a faster standard sprint.

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The i3 range as a whole will get minor styling tweaks, but aside from adjustments to the car’s bumpers and possible changes to the headlights, the car’s overall look will remain largely unchanged. The i3 S – compared to the i3 facelift – is rumored to offer a slightly beefier body, a lower ride height and wider tires. All of these will certainly adjust the character of the car, offering a more dynamic ride, as requested by some customers.

The interior is expected to be refreshed with an updated infotainment system, as well.

With Frankfurt Auto Show taking place in September, it’s hard to believe that BMW won’t use this opportunity to introduce the i3 facelift and the new i3 S. The alternative scenario is for a public introduction at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November.

29 responses to “Future BMW i3 S aims to be a sportier electric vehicle”

  1. Owen says:

    Hopefully CarPlay too. It’s nuts that they avoided it so far for their own proprietary system, and that it’s one of the only BMW’s without the option.

  2. Bob Morane says:

    They should lower the car (roof) for it to be sportier. Or if not lift the car (ground clearance) for it to be a CUV at least.

    • Guillaume Perret says:

      Yep, this car is in-between, don’t like it.

      • Colby Kay says:

        Part of that is because the drive module (frame, batteries and motors) are the lower portion, and the life module (passenger compartment) sits on it.

        • guest says:

          If this car is urban, the high roof allows passenger space in the small footprint, and why would you want to have to climb in/out of it? If you want a fake city crossover, Chevy has the Spark Activ (which the Australians have been smart enough to refuse for Holden). I thought the i5 was going to be the CUV?

          • Guillaume Perret says:

            you are right, they aimed at convenience.
            But look at what urban cars are successfull nowerdays … it’s the small SUVs (Captur, 2008, Mini, etc…)
            You do want to “climb” in it in order to have ground clearance and survive to the obstacles there are on european streets …

          • guest says:

            Our market is different, amazed how many of our best sellers are full-size pick-up trucks (usually not actually carrying anything). Our roads are not great, either, but I thought the whole climb in was because we’re too old/fat to get in/out of a low vehicle. Why I want an i8 – getting in & out of it would be my workout!

          • Guillaume Perret says:

            haha, actually, as soon as you have kids you see the advantage of a high vehicle (easier to install them in their seat)
            I also don’t like driving SUVs but the next car will probably be one :-(

          • guest says:

            A friend LOVED his VW SportWagen, had to give it up when 2nd. child arrived, don’t know if he’s recovered yet.

          • Max says:

            Would always take a Touring instead! :O

          • Guillaume Perret says:

            got a Touring F31, love it, with the box on the roof I have huge trunk capacity and still fit under the 2m high limit (very important in Europe)
            But it is fucking low … have to drive over speed bumps in 1st gear sometimes :-(

  3. johnbl says:

    I can’t say enough about how much my wife and I enjoy driving our 2014 BMW i3s..yes we have two and getting the second one as a CPO makes me laugh at all this talk of Bolts and Mod 3 selling at $35K…

    The i3’s range works for us and our needs, we don’t struggle over who get to drive the BEV, and if we ever needed more than 80-90 miles then it’s so easy to rent a car rather than having the bigger expensive battery option sitting unused 99.9% of the time.

    We are a 2014 i3 family and love it.

    • Tummy says:

      We had two 2014 i3s and recently replaced one with a Model S. I really like the Tesla a lot more. The autopilot/traffic cruise works very smoothly in traffic where the adaptive cruise on our i3 would be jerky. While my commute is 24 miles a day total, having 200+ miles of range is very nice. We’ve already gone on two 900 mile trips and I usually don’t like to drive far. It’s very quiet and the ride is much smoother than i3. Using the supercharger network is very fast and easy, no worrying if the CCS is occupied and if we have the right card to activate it, or if it’s even working.

      For these reasons, the Model 3 will likely eat the i3’s lunch when it’s released. We have a reservation and expect to replace our second i3 with a Model 3.

      • guest says:

        Since the Tesla is a larger, heavier, costlier car, I hope you are getting some bang for your $$$. Won’t the Model 3 be going up against the i5?

        • Tummy says:

          To replace one of our i3s, I got a new inventory Model S 60 with AP1 discounted to $67k ($77k MSRP) before tax incentives compared to a loaded Rex for $57k before incentives. I realize that BMW dealers also discount, but for ~$10k more I feel like I did get a whole lot more car. I looked at them in 2012/13 when they first came out, but some basic features were missing. The latest Model S features have improved so they are also more in line with what we are use to in luxury cars like 5 series or Mercedes E class.

          Also historically the depreciation on “low end” Tesla have tended to be much less compared to our 2014 i3s ($50k MSRP now worth $18k after 2-3 years). This is important to me since I tend to keep cars only a couple years before moving on to the next greatest thing.

          I think BMW said the next iCar won’t be out until at least 2020-2021, so the Model 3 will have at least a 2 year head start.

      • johnbl says:

        Tummy Thanks it is always interesting to hear about other’s experiences in using BEVs. Yes I did have the option to buy a used Model S when we made the decision to dump our ICE SUV that sat in the garage unused for the past 2 years. But again I think which car I buy depends on my driving needs…here in the PHX area we have a healthy DC fast charging network, we put level two into the garage, and if we take an extended trip there are so many options here for renting a car even, a Mod S if we wanted to.

        So buying a BMW i3 CPO vs a Model S CPO was a choice about investing double the money for the TSLA. I like the size and fit of the i3; I like its more compact size and the feel of it’s maneuverability is great; I love the instant torque in driving from the red light (of course my wife complains)..we just don’t feel as comfortable in the hefty sedan size Model S especially for the many short trips to restaurants, shopping, theater, classes and movies. So in the end, I just did not need to spend the extra $25,000+ for the CPO S for the larger battery and the extra unneeded range.

        Now, I too have a Mod 3 reservation. Will it be available for the 2017 tax year? .We could benefit from the $7,500 credit. If we get selected for a purchase in 2017 I’ll definitely buy and drive it ( like I did with the 3 day i3 test drive), and then decide on keeping it or selling it (we might even make money on a resale). But I have to drive it to see if it fits. If Mod 3 comes with auto-pilot option then most surely we’ll keep it. If we can’t buy in 2017 then do we just keep the i3s, buy a Bolt, or let the IRS keep that $7,500 in 2017, and just wait for delivery in 2018.

        I wish Tesla would stop the distractions of trains, trucks, rockets, solar panels and get that Mod 3 on the street. Frustrated

  4. jo says:

    chop the roof ! looks cool and improves aero for more range /speed. thats it.

  5. Chris Llana says:


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