This is one of the most realistic 2017 BMW G30 5 Series renderings

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BMW G30 5 series rendering 750x500

In the upcoming months, BMW will unveil the new generation 5 Series. The midsize sedan has been publicly testing for the last twelve months and …

In the upcoming months, BMW will unveil the new generation 5 Series. The midsize sedan has been publicly testing for the last twelve months and it’s now ready for primetime. Furthermore, BMW is currently hosting an international event where journalists from around the world get to experience pre-production prototypes before the official market launch at the end of this year.

Ahead of the official unveil, we’ve decided to take one more stab at illustrating the design of the new G30 5 Series.


BMW G30 5 series rendering 750x406

Jerry Alvarez for @BMWBLOG

As seen in the rendering below, the G30 5 Series uses styling cues from the recently launched 7 Series with an elongated bodystyle, sharp-rounded corners and the upright kidney grille which connects with the sleek headlights. Just like the 7 Series, we expect the new G30 5 Series to offer optional laser headlights with selective beam.

The image seen here also shows the top model 550i with the M Sport Package which brings enhanced sportiness to the middle athlete. The large air intakes at the front and the aggressively-sculpted front bumper remind us that the 5 Series is not only a luxury sedan, but also a sporty car when needed. Compared to the new 7 Series, the G30 5er is shorter, with much shorter overhangs, giving it a tighter look. The hood also slopes lower and is more aggressive than the 7 Series’. The predominant body line down the side of the car is an evolution of the current F10 5 Series. The side view profile displays the typical character line beginning within the front fenders, then flaring out above the door handles.


As far as the technology bits go, there will be a considerable amount of pressure mounting on the shoulders of the engineers, since the E-Class that was launched not long ago does claim that it is the most technologically advanced car in its segment.

That means, we’ll probably get to see most of the technology first launched on the 7 Series imbued in its smaller brother, from the new iDrive infotainment system to gesture control and even laser headlights. Some novelties might also make their debut on the 5 Series and my money’s on the Organic LEDs we’ve seen on the M4 GTS.


As for the engine range, no big changes should happen. 1.5-liter 3-cylinder units are not likely to be introduced, and the entry-level choices around the world should still be based on 2-liter 4-cylinder mills. The biggest changes will come from the introduction of the new B-family of modular engines on all models, as well as a more diverse offering of plug-in hybrid versions.

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Globally, the new 5 Series will be offered in sedan, Touring and Gran Turismo configurations, followed by the F90 M5.

28 responses to “This is one of the most realistic 2017 BMW G30 5 Series renderings”

  1. Bravo Demian says:

    I loved BMW 5 Series always and its getting awesome everyday.

  2. Madalin says:

    Please stop bashing Mercedes for doing copy cat versions of the S class, for C and E. BMW is just doing the same…

    • Icebreakerr says:

      5 series hasnt been revealed we will see. but bmws do generally look different even the tail lights will be different. merc dont change tail lights

  3. Kaisuke971 says:

    I’ve seen other renderings, and i think we’re very close to the final shape now (just like with the M2), but it’s a bit bland imo. I’m not a big fan of the F10 either anyway (well of any sedan besides the GC and the Ms actually) so that’s that. I won’t say it looks bad, but it’s not on XF level for example.

    Also i’m not sure how i feel with the new M Sport package look. Depending of the configuration, it can look pretty bad or really awesome. White with shadowline is the worst i’ve seen yet, it seems like only black works with shadowline.

  4. FilipMPower says:

    Honestly it really couldn’t be any more bland…

  5. chris says:

    The actual headlights are a bit slimmer and nicer. The Carscoops render is more accurate.

    • Jerry says:

      I did my research and scaled the spy photo pretty accurately. The 7 series headlights are slimmer. The 5 series are bigger. Dont get fooled by carscoop. Been doing renders for bimmerpost for a very long time and each time ive nailed the finished design. I don’t do them anymore because i switched to bmwblog but they know what i can do.

  6. Madalin says:

    With so many renders, and getting more and more accurate, there won’t be any “world premiere”, couse they will not have what to show new :) Good job anyhow, for the one who did it.

  7. Jay Davis says:

    Based on the spy pics, this appears to be pretty darn close to what it will most likely look like. I can’t say I will be envious since I think my f10 looks sharper. Like most others, I think the whole headlights grill connection design is not a good look. When the 3 series debuted that feature, I was happy I had the outgoing model. To me, it just doesn’t look right. The headlights on the new 7 looks downright ridiculous in my opinion. It appears that the car is wearing goggles. Not sleek or elegant at all. The designers should pay close attention to the recent success of the 2 Series! BMW’s stock is slipping in part due to poor sales of the new 7 and they need to get their future designs together.

  8. Dimas says:

    I have a 2013 F10. I have been waiting for this car for a long time. I believe BMW has delayed its reveal by over a year after they saw the new E-Class, they are now trying to match the E’s features (autonomous driving, dual screen cockpit, fit and finish)

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