BMW Sales Chief Confirms Plans for More M Models

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The 2016 Beijing Motor Show is currently in full swing and since China is one of BMW’s most important markets in the world at the …

The 2016 Beijing Motor Show is currently in full swing and since China is one of BMW’s most important markets in the world at the moment, top BMW executives were on the scene to present the company’s newest offerings. Dr. Ian Robertson, the sales chief of BMW, spoke about the company’s 100th anniversary and its future plans, while also confirming that more M models are on their way, possibly even a BMW X1 M.

Speaking of the M brand, Robertson said that for 40 years the Motorsport-inspired brand has been a benchmark in the industry and the current trend seems to show increased interest in the offerings of the Motorsport division.

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However, building on this success is a tricky business.

“The key to the future success of BMW M is strategic expansion – we are planning to close any gaps in the M portfolio. We also see growth potential in M Performance. In the future, M Performance will have a significantly wider share in our model portfolio,” said Mr. Robertson, hinting at a couple new models that could complete the M range. Two of those new M products are likely the highly rumored X3 M and X4 M models.

While the X1 M has a tough business case going against it, the growing segment of premium SUVs might swing the balance in its favor. The former head of the M division, Albert Biermann repeatedly said that an M model using FWD or an xDrive system that is FWD-biased wouldn’t fit in the philosophy of the brand itself and wouldn’t be on par with the handling and feel the customers are used to. But Frank van Meel heads the Motorsport division now and he has brought in extensive knowledge in all-wheel drive high-performance systems from Audi’s quattro division.

So will an X1 M make sense? There certainly would be a market for it, especially when powered by an M-infused 2-liter 4-cylinder engine delivering enough power to take on the likes of Mercedes’ GLA45 AMG, for example. But should the M DNA be altered in favor of more sales? That’s a tough question that the M bosses have to find an answer for.

8 responses to “BMW Sales Chief Confirms Plans for More M Models”

  1. Pictor says:

    Has the ‘motorsport’ division jumped the shark? Meanwhile the normal lineup lacks DCT’s and limited slip transmissions. I don’t see gaps in BMW’s lineup anymore except for perhaps the one that will be left open by the outgoing roadster. BMW has said that they plan on focusing on technology at the risk of expanding sales. This news seems to counter that statement. Maybe it’s Porsche that needs to expand it’s lineup.

  2. seancorr says:

    No doubt they will build a true blue X3/4M but they will need a bigger case if they want to build a X1M and China along with the many other Asian countries will be the deciding factor as the local governments heavily tax big displacement vehicles and I can’t help it but think that Mercedes saw this issue coming along and made those little rocket AMG models which are doing very well at the moment and Audi is beginning to launch their S models equipped with 2000cc engines.

    BMW has the wonderful M235i and if they expand that idea to build say a M125i or a M330i I think that would sell quite well actually.

  3. Icebreakerr says:


    • Fritz says:

      I don’t understand the longing for a BMW super car. Apart from the M1 they have no history of building them. The goal used to be performance sedans that handle better than super cars.

      Anyway, some see the i8 as a super car.

      • Icebreakerr says:

        audi made the R8 it was sucessful mercedes made the sls it did okay but they still made one. bmw needs one. it will sell well and will destroy the competition.

  4. bmw driver says:

    Translation: “we’re going to build so many different SUVs that you’ll be able to put an SUV inside another, bigger SUV and then put those SUVs inside another even bigger one. This is how we’ll stay true to the heritage of the company that built the E30 M3.”

    • Fritz says:

      They really seem to be struggling with their own identity these days. It’s hardly a surprise after introducing so many new models and body styles over the last two decades.

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