Which BMW started your love affair with the brand?

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The BMW M2 is on its way to our streets quite soon, bringing with it the promise of motoring nirvana. But it also brings with …

The BMW M2 is on its way to our streets quite soon, bringing with it the promise of motoring nirvana. But it also brings with it the hopes and dreams of many young enthusiasts and will absolutely be the catalyst to many young enthusiasts to become interested in the BMW brand. The BMW M2 will be that car for many young people, the car that begins a lifelong love affair with the Bavarian brand. BMW has had many of these cars over its one hundred year history. Cars like the E30 M3 and E46 M3 have played their part in sparking a desire for the brand in the hearts of many enthusiasts.

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There aren’t many brands that have had that effect on people. BMW has done a very good job at attracting a young audience with many of its cars, a young audience that stays committed to the brand, regardless of how it changes, because of the feelings first felt about that first BMW. So which BMW did it for you, which car brought you over to the Bavarians and made you fall in love with the brand?

For me, it was a bit odd of a car. Many BMW enthusiasts will claim the E46 M3 or even the E30 M3, but the truth of the matter is that it’s rarely a car like that, that sparks a passion. Most people aren’t aware of the importance of those cars before getting into the brand, so it’s usually a car that someone’s parents had or a car that they saw on TV that sparks the initial interest. For me, it was the E38 BMW 7 Series in the movie “The Transporter”.

Looking back, the movie is corny and ridiculous, though I still love the driving scenes. There was something about watching Jason Statham pilot his black on black, six-speed manual E38 7 Series through narrow French streets. The car was so cool looking, so luxurious and so powerful, but it still had this elegance to the way it handled. It was still nimble and dynamic, despite its size and luxury. That told me something about the BMW brand, whether it was movie magic or not. It told me that, regardless of the style of car, BMW always made great handling machines, cars that could drive better than any other.

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Ever since then, I’ve been interested in BMWs. I’ve studied the brand’s history, read everything I could about every new car, bought the first one I could afford and have been in love with it ever since. No one but us BMW enthusiasts understand the passion for the brand. My BMW is old, beaten and battered, with enough miles on it to have driven around the world almost 10 times. But no matter how tired and how beaten down it is, I’ll still love the damn thing.

That’s a love affair with a brand and with a car. BMW is able to capture that passion more than most brands could even hope to. So what’s the car that started it all for you?

21 responses to “Which BMW started your love affair with the brand?”

  1. Kevin Salazar says:

    e36 M3

  2. Vincent says:

    E32 750i

  3. Shane Giumarello says:

    E38 M Sport… like that silver one above. Why can’t the be the article picture on the home page instead of the grandma e38? :(

  4. Matt Stokes says:

    E24 635CSi

  5. Easy!
    Dados Yellow E36 M3 from the DVDs and Gumball Rally.

    Just moved on to BMW #8.

  6. Jørgen Mo says:

    E46 330cia Cab

  7. maxnix says:

    1602 of a friend, then a 2002tii of another friend, then a 2500 sedan, then a couple of 2800CS

  8. Shawn Sepehry says:

    This sounds ridiculous now that I think about it but the reason I started looking for a BMW was while playing GTA3 and driving the black ‘Sentinel’ which is an e34 M5. I ended up going up-market into a silver E60 which doesn’t make any sense in retrospect. But since then, I’ve been hooked and I can’t explain why and the passion only grows.

  9. iNoob says:

    E34 M5 Touring.

  10. roadkillrob says:

    E24 635CSi and E30 convertible – both classic to this day!

  11. William C. says:

    For me, it all started with the E60 M5 that I first saw in Gran Turismo 4.

  12. Kaisuke971 says:

    It was the M3 E36 3.2… It was back when Forza Motorsport 4 came out, i was 13. I didn’t know much about BMW (like nothing at all), and in the game i could only afford the E36 so i went for it. The car sounded superb and man i never had so much in the game ! I then searched a bit more about the brand and here i am.

    I can be grateful for that because i’d still be one lazy ass teen if it wasn’t for the M3… Now that i have a real goal in life, i’m filled with motivation and it helps me a lot. I stopped MMOs (i was like really, really addicted), and then rethink about myself… Thanks BMW :)

  13. jehad says:

    the first bmw i loved is e31 v12 that led to on going M5 collector career lol

    e34 m5
    e60 m5
    soon e39 m5 and f10 m5

  14. jason bourne says:

    BMW 2002.

    My brother had one in Fjord Blue that I just adored.

  15. Ludwig says:

    My Dad’s E36 328i Convertible and even more his E39 540i Touring (6-Speed)

  16. bobzer says:

    323i E21

  17. e12 518i my father had, it was old and beaten but as a kid it was the coolest car possible

  18. Kagan Oztrak says:

    e23 7 series (733i)

  19. EQ says:

    February 1970 Road & Track. Cover photo was the new Aston V8 (under hood shot of the engine, not the car), but inside was an 8 pg. road test of a 2800CS – one page of colour shots of a black coupe in Germany, 2 pgs. of line drawing “styling analysis”, spec. page. At $10k, think it was more expensive than a Jag or Vette (& slower), but I’d never seen anything like it, I was a goner. Bought one 12 yrs. later. A young fool & his money are soon parted. Je ne regrette rien.

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