BMW will boost the range of its i3 electric car in 2016

BMW i | January 18th, 2016 by 13
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According to Ian Robertson, BMW AG board member for sales and marketing, BMW will increase the i3’s range this year. This summer, the lithium ion …

According to Ian Robertson, BMW AG board member for sales and marketing, BMW will increase the i3’s range this year. This summer, the lithium ion battery pack of the compact EV will be improved, “which puts it into a much more usable range,” Robertson said. The sales chief refrained from giving a specific figure, but a source told BMWBLOG that BMW will refresh its i3 electric car with a higher energy density battery.

The current model consists of 8 x 2.7 kWh packs cells – each containing 12 x 3.75 volt, 60 Ah actual cells – wired in series for a nominal capacity of 21.8 kWh, 360 volts, of which 18.8 kWh are usable. The new battery is expected to have a 94Ah battery and the higher energy density will give the i3 an expected range of 120 miles.

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The improved battery would give the i3 a better range than the Nissan Leaf which can go up to 107 miles on a single charge, yet it will still shy away from the 200 miles touted by the recently unveiled Chevy Bolt.

BMW sold 24,057 i3s worldwide last year, an increase of 50 percent from 2014. In the United States, BMW sold 11,024 i3s, up from 6,092 in 2014. Around 65 percent of those were with the range extender.

[Source: AutoNews]

13 responses to “BMW will boost the range of its i3 electric car in 2016”

  1. Chris Llana says:

    There are lots of ways to measure range. We should probably wait until these new/upgraded EVs have official EPA ranges before making comparisons.

  2. Tman says:

    There is no royalty to use tesla technology. Why is any automaker making gas engine vehicles in 2016? Its like Sony making vhs tapes.

    • Nate says:

      You could say the same about how extensive BMW has been in their efforts to reduce the carbon footprint in regards to production of the i3. Greatly reduced scrap quantities, 60% reduced water consumption, 100% sustainable energy, etc. plus you are comparing a $92,000 car from Tesla vs. a green and accessible approach from BMW for $43,000: truly green electric mobility for the masses. Tesla has an interesting place in the market, but don’t short change the efforts of others for 0-60 times and rang on paper. On the East or West US coast, you might be able to visit a Tesla supercharging station easily, but it’s not so easy for the rest of the country or the rest of the world. Charging THAT big of a battery pack on a 110V outlet would not be ideal.

      • Tman says:

        Hi Nate. Here’s a link to Tesla’s supercharging network.

        Tesla Motors Mission: Enable transportation coast to coast for free on sunlight.

        Tesla cars are totally practical, comfortable and built for safety. Yes, you will want to put a 220 outlet in your garage to charge.

        I see car makers copying Tesla’s body when it is the electric powertrain that will save us, literally.

        It’s all about pollution as you know. We must change whether we like it or not. What’s not to like? Those beautiful BMW sedans will convert easily to electric powertrains.

        I confess to resenting auto manufacturers failing to convert their production lines from gas to electric. When anything is made in mass quantities the price goes way down. Every car being made today will be better in every standard of measure including zero pollution with an electric powertrain.

        If we outlaw gas engine vehicle sales in America and China, within weeks, no longer than a few months, all cars will roll out with electric powertrains.

        Koch Brothers Chevron paid GM to withdraw and bury its 320 mile range EV1 in 1999, putting us 15 years behind the curve in cleaning up our atmosphere. Are they still paying automakers to not make ev’s to protect their revenue stream at the expense of our health?

        • Tesla Man says:

          EV troll like you just live in fantasy land. If only all ev’s are priced for the masses and has range of 300 miles like a normal ICE cars. And if only all motorists live in in their own houses so that they can charge their ev’s. Get a grip troll..

          • Tman says:

            I’m no troll. Make your case for gas engine cars. 256 miles per charge is sufficient for us and we travel..up and down the west coast border to border with no charge for fuel. Tesla’s model 3 is a 35k vehicle due out in 17. Tesla has to create production lines from scratch. BMW just needs to change its powertrain to electric and they are off and running.

          • Tesla Man says:

            yes you are a troll..256 miles which is real life 200 mile range if you drive it like a normal car. And it cost close to 100k. Do you want me to continue? Go out in real world which 90% of population can’t afford these expensive golf karts then tell me how are we gonna do these. And Tesla’s fictitious 35k car won’t even have a 200 mile range in real world driving. Again, get a grip.

          • Tman says:

            I have 42k on my model s. I assure you the advertised range of 268 is accurate.

            The golf cart you mention, not to mention the airport carts and supermarket carts you see are silent, low cost, fast for their application and do not pollute.

            Try to outrun a model s.

            Now, Please. Make your case for gas engine cars.

          • Tesla Man says:

            268 miles if you don’t use any heat or a/c radio etc. And if you drive like a grandma. Stop lying.I have several friends who own a model s and complain about limited range when they go out if state. I don’t need to ake a case about ICE when 99.99% of car owners has them. In fact,you will starved to death and can’t go overseas without them. Your kind is laughable and living in a fantasy should go out of your northwest cocoon and get a grip. Talk to me when you have a 15k ev with a range of 300 real world miles. Stop being an ev troll.

          • Tman says:

            good night and good luck

          • Tesla Man says:

            and btw, my 750 horsepower M5 will crushed any model s. Again get a grip.

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