BMW Z4 scores 3 stars in Euro NCAP test

BMW Z4 | December 2nd, 2015 by 6
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The six-year old BMW Z4 was rated with 3 stars in the latest Euro NCAP test. The Z4 Roadster scored maximum points in the full-width …

The six-year old BMW Z4 was rated with 3 stars in the latest Euro NCAP test. The Z4 Roadster scored maximum points in the full-width rigid barrier and the front impact test. The Z4 was labeled as having good protection against whiplash injury in the rear-end collision test.

The roadster doesn’t have any critical safety issues, but a low rating was attributed to driving safety feature, like lane assist systems, autonomous braking systems and speed limit assist.

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Reason for the poor overall result are missing points from the lateral pile test. “For many years, Euro NCAP’s supplemented their own test results with data from the manufacturer. This year we have also added the frontal crash on the full width allowing automakers to demonstrate the effectiveness of their side airbags,” said Euro NCAP spokeswoman Marie Brasseur on request of AUTO BILD. “BMW has waived this, as this would not have changed the overall result of the Z4.”

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This statement was confirmed by a BMW spokesman. “Since the 2009 when the Z4 came on the market, the Euro NCAP test criteria has changed four times. If the Z4 was tested before the changes, it would have brought five stars by the Euro NCAP criteria. This is what our internal testing has shown,” a BMW spokesman said.


The BMW Z4 was not assessed in the pole test procedure, though. Unfortunately for the Z4, an autonomous braking system is not available, which means that the roadster isn’t eligible for a five-star rating.

In the Security category, the BMW Z4 also managed to score only three stars. Only ESP and seatbelt warning indicator are standard.

BMW has yet to announce a successor of the Z4, but the rumormill churns out that a future Z5 might arrive in the near future.

6 responses to “BMW Z4 scores 3 stars in Euro NCAP test”

  1. Tom says:

    Has the Z4 changed where they need to repeat a study on a 6 year old car?

  2. Indrit Selimi says:

    Nice car…but no, thank you!

  3. Phil says:


    If you look at the actual performance during the frontal full width and offset crashes you will see that the dummies’ readings are much better than the new X1 – recently awarded the 5 Stars!!

    The only reason the z4 didn’t get 4 stars is the lack of a Pole test! And to get the full 5 stars (assuming the pole test result is good) it would have had to have an Autonomous Braking System. Seriously? Are we all such bad drivers that we cannot even brake?

    Honestly, for a 6 year old design the z4 did very well. Unfortunately it wasn’t allowed to show how well it can protect its occupants.

    I find it silly that different cars are rated the same way even if certain tests are not performed. It is just a total lack of consistency.

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