BMW M4 GTS: Is it worth the price?

BMW M4 | October 7th, 2015 by 18
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The BMW M4 GTS has just been announced and it’s BMW M’s most hardcore vehicle. But it’s also one of BMW’s most expensive vehicles. At …

The BMW M4 GTS has just been announced and it’s BMW M’s most hardcore vehicle. But it’s also one of BMW’s most expensive vehicles. At 142,000 Euros (roughly $160,000 US), only the BMW i8 is more expensive. The M4 GTS however, is also one of BMW’s fastest and most track-ready cars. With 493 hp, a 0-60 mph time of 3.7 seconds, water-injection and manually adjustable shocks, the M4 GTS is ready to munch almost anything that comes to the track. But is that worth all of that money?

The idea of value is an interesting one, because it can be determined in so many different ways.

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You can say that something is as valuable as someone is willing to pay for it. In that respect, the M4 GTS is worth the money because there are rich guys and gals who will want a hardcore track car like the GTS and will buy one, price be damned. But value can also be viewed as how it stacks up against similar competition, in terms of price:performance. The BMW M4 GTS’ main competition will be the Porsche 911 GT3. They’re almost exactly the same price, have very similar performance and are both livable everyday. The GT3 might be a bit faster, but without driving the M4 GTS, we won’t know how they actually stack up. But in terms of what you get from each car, they’re extremely similar and priced almost identically. So in that respect, the GTS is worth it because that price range seems to be the going rate for cars like this.

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On the other hand, 142,000 Euros is a lot of money to spend on a car that doesn’t have back seats and isn’t very livable on the road. Despite what BMW may say, the M4 GTS will not be comfortable on anything other than smooth racetracks and that’s not a knock against it, it’s just the nature of the beast. The M4 GTS is a very singular car, it’s meant to blitz the world’s best racetracks, and it’s hard to justify that kind of money for a car that has pretty much one focus. Sure, the M4 GTS is decent on the road, but David Beckham might be decent at basketball, but you wouldn’t want him playing for the the Knicks. The BMW i8 is worth every penny of its high price tag, as it can be multiple cars. The i8 can be a downright sports car, economy car, electric car and grand touring car. So it’s worth the money, as it can wear different hats. But the M4 GTS only has one hat.

However, exclusivity also comes in to play. BMW will only be developing 700 units of the M4 GTS, with only 300 making it to the North American market. Those are very low figures, even lower than the those of the Porsche 911 GT3. When something is rare, it becomes more valuable, obviously. The BMW M4 GTS will be very rare. So when one 911 GT3 owner pulls onto the track, he will feel more exclusive than the rest of the cars there. Until an M4 GTS pulls onto the same track, which will trump the 911 GT3 in exclusivity. And we all know how car enthusiasts love that sort of thing.


The BMW M4 GTS is exactly what it is and what it’s meant to be — a very expensive, very fast and very rare street legal track car. There’s nothing wrong with that. BMW will only be making a limited amount and they will all find homes. BMW will have no issue selling them all and the bottom line is that makes them exactly as valuable as BMW is selling them for. The BMW M4 GTS is an amazing car, filled with amazing racing technology and packs a ton of performance. It looks fantastic, is incredibly exciting and priced right in line with its competitors. So I’d say the BMW M4 GTS is worth every penny of those 142,000 Euros. Just don’t let it play for the Knicks.

18 responses to “BMW M4 GTS: Is it worth the price?”

  1. iNoob says:

    Worth it!

  2. Icebreakerr says:

    yes it is great investment too

  3. LucyPup says:

    Beautiful car, and beautifully executed! Well done, BMW! IMHO the new M4 and M3 are two of BMW’s most well-proportioned cars, the M4 GTS takes this to a new level altogether. Not a fan of externals, like wings, but necessary and appropriate on this car – and I wish I could have one! This car is beautifully done, and very worthy of the cars it is being compared to. The numbers it generates (engine efficiency and power output, as well as Nurburgring lap times) truly make it an elite car. My current is an F82 M4, and I am really glad to be back in a BMW. I’ve been fortunate to have previously owned many 911’s, as recent as a 991 Carrera S, and had several E92 M3’s (manual and M-DCT); I came back to BMW as soon as I discovered they were moving to a turbocharged six, because I wanted the torque of a turbocharged car, couldn’t really enjoy a high-RPM normally aspirated car (don’t go to the track anymore). I love it!
    And YES, it is absolutely worth it! I want to drive this car while wearing a SINN watch!

  4. Stoofwroof says:

    The i8 would not be the only BMW more expensive than an M4 GTS priced at 130K. The M6 Competition Edition (160K+) would also be more expensive. Just Sayin.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      True. Forgot about that M6. Unless BMW goes crazy with the GTS price

    • LucyPup says:

      This may be considered ridiculous, but – at this level and price, I also want technological superiority. The M6 CE is not. The most technologically superior cars might be i8 and M4 GTS?

      • Billy The Hillbilly says:

        well you can’t squeeze four ppl in them, then travel at the speed of light in tremendous luxury one minute afterwards, can you? And that is the focus of the M6 GC. Also, much tighter and more fun than the 7er.

  5. Dana Bruce Smith says:

    No contest: the Porsche GT3 is a better sports car is virtually every way. And the Porsche will hold it’s value MUCH better.
    The BMW is nice, certainly, but it’s really a ridiculous over-tune of the M4 — all that work/money for a couple of 1/10ths?! You could (almost) buy an M4 AND a Boxster for the same money!
    I’ve owned several new BMWs and several new Porsches over the years. All the BMWs were good cars; the Porsches were better.

    • lunaslide says:

      The GT3 may or may not be a better sports car. I’m pretty sure that you don’t know, since I’m pretty sure you haven’t driven the GTS, nor has anyone in a position to make a proper comparison. I’m curious to see what Chris Harris will have to say, since he is a big GT3 fan, but also a very fair reviewer of sports cars.

      However, saying the GT3 will hold value better than the extremely limited production run of the GTS is just crazy talk. On exclusivity alone, the GTS wins hands down. GT3s are pretty sweet, but I see them every time I go to the track.

  6. Stephen Garrett says:

    A car is worth what someone will pay for it. So in that light, yes, because people will pay that much for it.

    Personally, I couldn’t justify it. At 60-70K, the M3/4 makes for an enticing option. Once you break six-figures, there’s just too many other options that make more sense. The GT3 is the most obvious, seeing as in how it starts with a better platform to begin with and outperform this car. Then you have the Z06. I’m honestly skeptical this car will outperform the Camaro Z/28 and Shelby GT350-R by a very big margin, and those cars are tens of thousands of dollars less. Hell, for 130K, you could buy the GT-350R, AND a base M3!!

  7. Senne says:

    Totally worth it!! And indeed very good investment if you have the money. It will be worth even more in say 10 years or so!

  8. Corey Street says:

    Am I the only one who is confused by $142k euros = $130k USD? The exchange rate is $1e to $1.13 USD. That means that 142k is roughly $160k US. Did i miss something?

  9. Michael Christopher Frazier IV says:

    seems like a collectors item more than anything else. 1M gained equity over time… would these?

  10. DavidNJ says:

    I don’t think the 911 GT3 is really about exclusivity. It has its own racing class in many countries as do the Ferrari Challenge cars. These aren’t racing series that really make sense from a marketing perspective drawing little media attention while having high costs.

    With a nearly 500hp turbo the M4 GTS may have more power under the curve and be faster than the 911 GT3. Given the price point, that was probably a design objective. With a forced induction motor that is often a matter of just increasing the boost, and water injection is clear indication that raising the boost was an important design objective.

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  12. How about bidding on one through a charity? Makes the $160+ price take a little easier to swallow, right?! There will be a 2016 BMW M4 GTS available for auction at the Classic Wines Auction on Saturday March 5th in Portland, Oregon. All funds raised from the auction will support six local charities in the Pacific Northwest. Interested? Contact or go to for more information. Proxy bidding is available!

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