Lexus NX – A worthy competitor to BMW X1?

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2015 lexus nx 200t f sport front three quarter in motion 750x500

The Lexus Ad-Machine has been churning out advertisements for the new Lexus NX200t F Sport, recently, insinuating a sporting feel. Lexus has been making ads …

The Lexus Ad-Machine has been churning out advertisements for the new Lexus NX200t F Sport, recently, insinuating a sporting feel. Lexus has been making ads like this for some time now, claiming its cars are sportier than anything from Germany. They even specifically call out brands sometimes. It’s a bit ballsy of Lexus to call out the Germans, especially with its reputation for making vanilla snooze-mobiles for decades now. I could understand if Lexus was backing up these claims by making truly sporty cars, but with something like the NX200t, no one should to take Lexus seriously. And most of the U.S. magazines have been quite critical of the NX200’s driving experience.

I’m sure the NX is fine, by crossover standards. It’s probably comfortable, quiet, luxurious and fast enough for most buyers. But what it isn’t, is sporty.

2015 lexus nx 200t f sport front three quarter in motion 750x498

Despite what Lexus may claim about the NX being the sportiest car in the segment just by pointing to its face, it’s still a 4,000 lb, FWD based crossover. It isn’t going to be the paradigm of handling and performance. Even in its sportiest trim, the NX200t F Sport with a 2.0 liter, turbocharged four-cylinder is still only capable of getting to 60 mph in 6.9 seconds. For comparison’s sake, the BMW X1 xDrive28i can hit 60 mph in 6.2 seconds and only weighs 3,800 lbs.

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This is no surprise, however. Despite the claims by Lexus, its German rivals have always been better performers, especially BMW. It isn’t disappointing to see the Lexus underperform compared to the bimmer, the real problem is the price. While Lexus cars were never the better performers, they were always great value propositions. You could always get a Lexus, with far more options, for the same price and sometimes even less than the comparable BMW. Not so much the case anymore, as the starting price for the NX200t F Sport is $38,905 compared to the X1 xDrive28i M Sport’s $35,700 starting price tag.


Both have 2.0 liter engines, 8-Speed autos, all-wheel drive, and leatherette as standard. The X1 is faster, gets better MPG (22/33 versus the Lexus’ 22/27 MPG) handles far better and doesn’t have that pinched face, all for $3,200 less. Which seems like the better value proposition to you?

Lexus surprised a lot of people with the LFA, which is a hardcore supercar with racing technology in it. Then the new GS came out and was surprisingly good, followed by the IS which was also surprisingly good. But judging by the test drives, they seem to have dropped the ball with the NX crossover.

24 responses to “Lexus NX – A worthy competitor to BMW X1?”

  1. Enni says:

    Girl bye with your dumb article😂

  2. jcatl says:

    I’m not sure that anyone should be touting the 0-60 of their SUV’s, certainly not the company whose claim to fame is the “Ultimate Driving Machine”. The IS350 FSport is a worthy competitor to the F30 and bests it in some comparisons. The engines are a bit dated compared to BMW’s efficient turbocharged offerings but it’s good to see the Japanese moving in the direction of turbos. Also, as far as interior materials, fit & finish and reliability, Lexus leaves BMW in the dust. The interior of the GS350 is exceptional with leather that puts BMW to shame. If Lexus ever puts together modern, efficient engines and smooths out the front end that only a mother could love, they are going to really move some product.

  3. jason bourne says:

    Not worthy at all… Just another Lexus eyesore.

  4. orojeklo says:

    BMW X1 interior and exterior is really nothing to brag about…and who really cares about sportiness with all these road limitations. This Lexus is at least exciting and a looker, I’d take it over X1 anytime.

  5. Robin says:

    I’ve driven both and the NX is a more appealing product by far in feel, quality appearance and style. 6.9 seconds is fine; your subjective bias is cringeworthy.

  6. whateverdude says:

    The NX competes with the X3. Fail!

  7. Turdly Jones says:

    I’ve driven the X3 and NX at a Lexus test drive event—the kind with a mini-autocross. The X3 was the most fun to drive and easiest to toss around. The NX in F sport wasn’t horrible but it was noticeable difference. The major downside to the X3 was the road noise, it was LOUD. Surprisingly both the X3 and NX felt slow in comparison to the RDX. Actually the RDX was easiest the fastest (by the butt dyno) vehicle there–including the GLK and Q5. The Acura had power everywhere but it handled the poorest.

  8. MrT says:

    NX vs. X3 vs. Q5 vs. GLK vs. Evoque, thats hows it goes…

  9. awesomeepicguy123 says:

    Lol the NX doesn’t even compete with the X1 xD
    It competes with the X3 and blows it out of the water.

  10. Otto says:

    You’re writing too much, too fast, too many articles…
    You should take time to review them, or even ask the other authors to review them as well.
    As some pointed out, the NX competes with the X3, not the X1.

  11. petalmasher says:

    I have an X1, but my wife and I needed a second car, so she gets the x1 and I searched for something similar but slightly larger. With a max price in mind of about $40k. I wasn’t going to be able to get an X3 or Q5 with the options I wanted. I was looking mostly at non-luxury brands until I read up on the Nx. I was Very nearly sold on it. I liked the way it looked(eye of the beholder I guess) and loved the interior. At the end of the day, however, the performance was more comparable to the turbo charged Tiguan, Forester and Escape than to the X1, Being, smaller, and lighter with similar power, rear biased AWD, and hydraulic steering the X1 is really an entirely different beast than other small SUVs.

  12. aaaa says:

    I got my NX200t base for about $32000. X1 base is about the same price. But X1 even does not have back camera, let alone power seat, auto dimmed mirror, bluetooth, second row air vents and etc.

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