BMW X1 xDrive28i

Lexus NX – A worthy competitor to BMW X1?

The Lexus Ad-Machine has been churning out advertisements for the new Lexus NX200t F Sport, recently, insinuating a sporting feel. Lexus has been making ads like this for some time now, claiming its cars are…

BMW X1 - The Best BMW For Your Money

BMW X1 – The Best BMW For Your Money

BMWs are too expensive. You know it, I know it. Sure, their starting prices are not too shabby, but add options that most cars come with as standard, and the price balloons to eye-watering territory….

BMWBLOG Test Drive: BMW X1 launches in Canada

Toronto, Canada – Canada is doing alright. Employment and the economy are good and the Canadian dollar is going from strength to strength against the US dollar. With good employment and a strong currency, Canadians…

BMWBLOG Exclusive: Driving the New TwinPower Turbocharged Four Cylinder