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Bild Vergleich BMW X6 F16 E71 LCI SUV Coupe xDrive 2014 05 750x500 F16 BMW X6 vs. E71 BMW X6   PHOTO COMPARISON

When the BMW X6 E71 went on sale in 2008, many referred to the X6 as a design revolution. No other SUV before had been …

When the BMW X6 E71 went on sale in 2008, many referred to the X6 as a design revolution. No other SUV before had been so consistently converted into a coupe with an attractive roofline and a rear-end different from anything seen before.

At the same time, the polarizing looks of the X6 has drawn some criticism from consumers and especially journalists. The passionate debate ended when BMW announced the X6 global sales: 250,000 units since its launch seven years ago.

Now the new F16 BMW X6 comes to build atop the success of its predecessor and deliver even higher sales.

Bild Vergleich BMW X6 F16 E71 LCI SUV Coupe xDrive 2014 02 750x750 F16 BMW X6 vs. E71 BMW X6   PHOTO COMPARISON

It is indisputable that the F16 BMW X6 is an evolution of the E71 X6, with a design that doesn’t deviate from the proven formula. The new X6 is more masculine than ever, wider, slightly larger and meaner than ever. The front-end simply dominates the road and if you add the M Sport Package to the deal, you can see what’s in store, and more, for the upcoming BMW X5 M.

The dimensions of the two SAC can hardly be distinguished: three more centimeters in length, 2.5 centimeters more in width and 3 mm more height.

Bild Vergleich BMW X6 F16 E71 LCI SUV Coupe xDrive 2014 03 750x562 F16 BMW X6 vs. E71 BMW X6   PHOTO COMPARISON

Inside, things are a bit different. The F16 X6 takes the cabin design to a new level. The new X6 also uses the infotainment and assistance systems of the third generation X5, which gives it an advantage over the E71 X6. The improved aerodynamics and numerous changes in the design of the drivetrain ensure that the standard consumption could be reduced by up to 22 percent compared to its predecessor.

To see how the two stack against each other, we put together a photo comparison.


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10 Responses to “F16 BMW X6 vs. E71 BMW X6 – PHOTO COMPARISON”

  1. Brit says:

    It actually looks slightly better than expected but still doesn’t really look GOOD. The hideous front of the new X5 is being brought to the X6, which totally destroys the design of the whole car. It looks really bulky overall and it doesn’t look fresh at all. I don’t understand why BMW share the same front design between several models (like same on all 4 series models, same on X3 and X4 and now even X5 and X6 share the same front design. What’s going on? BMW cars have all been disappointing since the 6 series, they aren’t BAD but just not something we expect from a BMW. Newer cars should look more streamlined and have good looking body lines (except american cars and now X5 and X6 look exactly like american cars, and BMW has to know other than the US, not many people prefer bulky designs) and look more futuristic. I always liked BMW because they look younger and cleaner than competitors like Audi and Merc but now seems like Audi are having better exterior design than BMW (at least they don’t use same front designs for Q5 and Q7), while Audi’s new interior look better than BMW’s interior and Merc’s recent interior designs are out of the world (C class and S class) which makes BMWs kinda look cheap. If BMW doesn’t raise its game, it would fall behind its 2 main competitors very soon as Audi is obviously catching up and does a lot better in marketing, while being a lot more innovative (BMW used to be innovative but not now). Last but not least, when a new model comes out, the old one usually looks really dated but I am sure if you ask someone who doesn’t know about cars, they might think that the old X6 is the new one and the better looking one. Who said Bangle created the worst BMW designs?  The new team doesn’t even know how to make a car that is nice to look at…

  2. CDspeed says:

    I think it’s an improvement, though it looked good, the last generation looked fat to me, including the X5. I had an X5 4.8i, and always thought it looked chunky especially compared to the first gen X5 of which I had a 3.0i and a 4.4i previously. I think they’ve done a better job this time, the X5 looks more elegant, and the X6 looks more aggressive.

  3. Roland Renno says:

    I don’t know what happened to BMW and their design department when it comes to the rear-ends. First the 5-series GT, the 3-series GT, and now the X6. do they consider their rear-ends’ design to be good-looking?

  4. Ivan Neri says:

    The old is better…

  5. viper says:

    the rear is better on the old one , the hood appears longer and so does the whole car from all angles , bulkier and more hyundai-ish kinda…the interior design is probably a step forward , the engines appear like a transplant from the current generation……overall nothing new & exciting from the bmw , maybe the x7 will bring more to the table than this…

  6. alex says:

    Dissapointing again. Who is designing these ugly taillights? They now have that cheap asian car look. In this rhythm BMW will soon fall behind the competition.

  7. Antonio says:

    My X6 E71 has 260000km and was under BMW SERVICE ALLWAYS.

    Unfortunately the distribuition chain broke and destroyed the engine! The answer from bmw was that the veiche had so many km and they dont help on the 13000€ costs to replace the engine.

    If you think that thIs model will make more than 260000km just forget it or plan in making a big investment on ots repair.

    If the chains brake why dont they replace them by belts? At least their replacement is on the maintenance program.

  8. GUTO says:


  9. Dr. Niro Sivathasan says:

    I totally agree with most people on here: the outside of the old one (E71) looks far more coherent and classier than the new one (F16).
    Also, whilst the new X6 has better interior tech and whilst the interior is consistent with BMW’s current design language (which is good), I think the old one’s interior still looks pretty good!

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