Next Generation BMW M5 and M6 may come with all-wheel drive

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“The M5 and M6, maybe in the next generation they could get AWD, but not with the M3 or M4. Never,” says BMW M CEO …

“The M5 and M6, maybe in the next generation they could get AWD, but not with the M3 or M4. Never,” says BMW M CEO Dr. Friedrich Nitschke in an interview for Motoring.

BMW M’s rivals, Mercedes-Benz AMG and Audi’s RS division, offer an all-wheel-drive setup for their high-performance sedans and coupes, and the question has come up when BMW will join the club.

“I’ve looked at the numbers and 70 to 80 percent of E63 AMGs are all-wheel drive in the US now,” Dr. Friedrich Nitschke said to the same magazine.
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“On our cars we are thinking of all-wheel drive, but it won’t come before we get the successor of the M5 and M6.
“That’s the timing and it’s not practical to react in the current life cycles. It would also be an additional option, not the only available model, because a lot of M buyers prefer rear-wheel drive.”

The next generation BMW M5 and M6 will most likely make extensive use of carbon fiber and aluminum, and are slotted to arrive, based on the 7-year production cycle, sometimes in 2018.What about the faster 0 to 62 mph times reported by the competitors? Audi’s RS6 Avant and RS7, Porsche’s Panamera Turbo and the all-wheel drive version of Mercedes-Benz’s fastest E63 AMG variant all reports sprints of between 3.7 and 3.9 seconds. The M5 and M6 even with the Competition Package run to 62 mph in 4.2 seconds. Dr. Nitschke says that the value of the Competition Package lays somewhere else.“If you look at our Competition Package for the M5, it’s lighter and more focused and they are the advantages we have, not a fraction of acceleration here or there,” the M President insisted.

“It’s not all as simple as it seems. If you look at Audi, they had no choice but to make a rear-wheel drive car so they might as well do all-wheel drive. AMG made a decision to go that way and it seems to work for them, but we are not all the same.”

Back in 2011, Albert Biermann, M Head of Engineering, said at the time that no xDrive will come in the current F10 M5, so we will have to wait until 2018 to see what M’s plans are for the super sporty sedan.

10 responses to “Next Generation BMW M5 and M6 may come with all-wheel drive”

  1. BMW BEST says:

    No please don’t!!Don’t act like a hipster,just stop producing the series such as 3er gran coupe etc…it is not necessary when 3er sedan and 3er touring are already famous enough.

    • I drive an E60 M5. I do not want a F10 M5 since too much power for two weels. I want an M5 xDrive Touring.

      • Otto says:

        But it’s a matter of torque rather than hp.
        Above 400 Nm, it’s impossible to drive a RWD at winter time in most EU countries, and I guess it’s the same in NA. So yes, BMW has no choice but to go AWD. I guess it could be an option though, like MB and the E63 AMG. Also, for all the AWD phobics, instead of keeping your nose on BMW hoods, get yourselves informed. There are different types of AWD system. BMW could go for a 1/3-2/3 torque split for instance.
        Anyway, BMW drops one by one its credos : FWD cars, AWD Ms, etc. Next is the I6. At this pace, it won’t take long before BMW admits that after all, V6 engines are lighter, more compact and offer same potential as I6s. MB dropped it for the V6, Volvo did it and no one noticed it.

  2. deine mudder says:

    Haha Nitschke is so full of shit its unbelievable. Remember when he claimed he reached 300 kmh on the Nordschleife in that ridiculous m3 ute?
    “If you look at Audi, they had no choice but to make a rear-wheel drive car so they might as well do all-wheel drive.” What the fuck does that even mean? Audi has no choice but to make a rear wheel drive car? Last time i checked they don’t have a single rwd car in production.
    Also, how about making m cars lighter instead of building the exact same fucking cars as Audi and merc? Whether one buys a BMW an Audi or a merc is completely irrelevant nowadays anyway cause except for the design they are all exactly the same. It’s kinda sad BMW sacrificed all its uniqueness is order to make more profit.

  3. Mateo says:

    well….it was just matter of time, just like turbo engines and no manual gearbox…

  4. auaq says:

    All about money, isn’t it!!

  5. Mariani says:

    Use carbon fibre an aluminium as much as you want, but as long as you keep making your cars bigger and putting completely unnecessary tech on them, they’ll never be properly light. But do they even care? I reckon that BMW really just started ‘mirroring’ Mercedes from the E90 M3 onwards.
    A drivers car? Uh, I know, lets put a lot of power, and shove in as many gizmos as we can.
    That will do the trick.
    If not, make it automatic only, and give it all wheel drive.

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