In an interview with Damon Lavrinc of Autoblog, Albert Biermann, Head of Product Development at BMW M, revealed some new interesting things on the F10 BMW M5.

First and foremost, he Biermann dismisses the idea of a BMW M5 with all-wheel drive in the current generation. “There might come a point with torque [output] where you need all-wheel drive,” said Biermann for Autoblog.

The rumor of an xDrive M5 started last earlier this year when UK publications speculated on the possibility of an M5 AWD model due to the popularity of similar competitor models, especially in the Northeast area of the US.

Next, the Product Development boss at M hints that a Touring M5 is not in works. “Do you know how many M5 Tourings we sold? 1,056,” said Biermann to Autoblog. He is referring to the total number of previous generation M5 Tourings sold worldwide, a number low enough to kill any business plan in its inception phase. Most likely the M division sees to significant return on the large investment and efforts to develop such vehicle. Will we see an M3 Wagon? We wouldn’t count on it…

Now what about the BMW Z4 M, the almighty roadster that purists have asked for? Biermann says he desperately, but again, the business case and financials take over. “There are days when it hurts we don’t have a Z4 M car,” Biermann told Autoblog.

The insightful interview ends with Biermann’s special M5: a car “dressed up” by the BMW Individual team with a custom paint that’s a combination of metallic brown, grey and a subtle shade of purple that shifts in the sunlight.

[Source: Autoblog ]